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Just In From The What Were They Thinking Department

Once there was little or no childhood mental illness to speak of except for maybe the rare instance of autism. Now children with ADHD, early onset Bipolar Disorder, and Childhood Schizophrenia are cropping up everywhere. Is a virus at work in this development? No. This development is taking place despite one of E. Fuller Torrey’s most harebrained theories, the cat flu causes schizophrenia theory. Then what’s at work here? Over zealous psychiatrists and negligent immature parents are the real culprits. I know blaming the parents is frowned upon now. OK. Who do we blame then? Why the child of course! Gosh. It’s not the child; it’s the child’s disease. Oooo. So you know where to draw the line then? Parenting is serious business; it’s a shame so many of them aren’t up to it.

A couple of years ago I was around to see the FDA approve Risperal for children. In my expert opinion, and believe me, mine is an expert opinion, that was a big mistake. Then they went and compounded the error by approving Abilify. Hello? Don’t you know these drugs damage people? This is dangerous with a twist. If you take such chemicals long enough you will never be the same person as you once were. You don’t even have to take them that long, and some kind of health problem can be the consequence. The mentally ill are reported to be dying on average 25 years earlier than the general population due to the atypical antipsychotic drugs developed to have fewer side effects than the typical psychiatric drugs. These mentally ill folk who are dying now were diagnosed before this onslaught of childhood psychosis. Given younger and younger patients, that age of death could go down even further.

A CBS news report out recently reported the growth of breasts in male adolescents as a side effect of risperal use. These boys had to get mastectomies. I don’t suppose anybody on the FDA was watching this news report. A psychopharmocology advisory committee for the FDA has voted to recommend approval of 3 atypical antipsychotic drugs for use by children and teenagers. The drugs recommended for approval are Zyprexa, Geodon, and Seraquel. One can only imagine the deformities that might develop given the approval of 3 of these powerful and damaging drugs. What’s going on here? Many of those who serve on the FDA have financial ties to the drug companies that manufacture these pills. The drugs companies are making so much money that they can’t be wrong. The FDA is placing a higher value on profits than on people. Bottom line, if it was otherwise, if they cared about health, physical and emotional, they wouldn’t be recommending the poisoning of America’s children.

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