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An Anniversary Approaches

Esmin Elizabeth Green, a black woman, 49 years old, died on the floor of the King’s County Hospital Center Psychiatric Emergency Room in New York on June 19, 2008. Mrs. Green had been in the Emergency Room waiting to be seen for almost 24 hours at the time of her collapse.

Surveillance cameras caught her rolling off a chair, landing on the floor face down, and convulsing. She laid on the floor for more than an hour while several Hospital workers seem to have seen her, but ignored her.

She had stopped moving after about 30 minutes, but it was another 30 minutes or so before a nurse checked her pulse. A hospital worker nudged her with a foot, and help was summoned 3 minutes later.

The medical examiner said she suffered from blood clots.

Hospital staff falsified records to cover up the time she had lain on the floor without assistance. Discrepancies between these facts and the staff’s paperwork were revealed by the surveillance cameras that captured the event as it unfolded from several angles.

These reports had her sitting calmly in a chair and going to the ladies room at a time when she was actually laying on the floor.

Mrs. Green was in the hospital after becoming depressed over the loss of a job. She was being involuntarily detained under court order in the Emergency Room following a 911 call.

She left 6 children in Jamaica for whom she had been sending money back home. Beyond those, and her 13 brothers and sisters, her church was said to be her family.

3 hospitals workers were fired, and 3 suspended the day after the incident.

Neuroleptic drugs have been known to cause blood clots. The Law Project for Psychiatric Rights has formally put in a request to reopen the investigation to determine whether her fatal blood clot was caused by a psychiatric drug.

On July 25, 2008 a vigil and demonstration was held in at Kings County Hospital in New York City. Other peaceful events were held in places around the world such as Lane County, Oregon, Washington, DC., Toronto Canada, and Cork, Ireland.

A wrongful death suit brought against the city by her family was settled to the tune of $2,000,000.

The June 19th 2009 1st anniversary of Mrs. Esmin Greens death is rapidly approaching. On that date renewed vigils and protests are planned. A New York organization, We The People, has been coordinating events commemorating Mrs. Green’s death, and demanding a report of the investigation.

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