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Advance Directive Legislation In Germany

Psychiatric Advance directives are very much the talk of the moment in certain circles around the globe these days. Unfortunately the extent to which courts of law feel bound by them can sometimes be lax. Advocates, legal experts, and others up on this issue in the US and in other places around the world need to take a good long look at what’s going on in Germany. Recent changes in Germany law could go a long ways toward achieving human and civil rights for people caught up in the mental health system in that country. The German legislature has made its Advance Directives legally binding, and thus the courts there should be bound by them. No exception has been made for psychiatric conditions. This new law would allow those who want to do so to opt out of any association with a psychiatric label. It is thought that the rigid enforcement of this law would constitute a challenge to forced treatment in Germany. Here you have a loophole in the law, but its a loophole that is only available to those with a little knowledge in the law. Let’s hope that psychiatric survivor activists in that country can take full advantage of this new law and direct their energies towards an even further dismantling of coercive psychiatry in their homeland.

Justice For Esmin Green

I wish I could be in New York City for the demonstration and vigil that are taking place this evening. I might get to New York for such an event at some time in the future, but this one I am unfortunately unable to attend. My spirit will nonetheless be with those heroic individuals at the bullhorn and before the hospital making their demands.

The names of some of the brave people appearing at this demonstration are as follows:

Demonstration, MCs Dally Sanchez, Daniel Hazen, and Eva Dech
Speakers include Sanford Rubenstein, Attorney for the Family of Ms. Green,
Assemblyman Peter Rivera, Chair of the Mental Health Committee
Assemblyman Nick Perry, Ms. Green’s assemblyman
Survivors of Kings County Hospital Psychiatric Emergency Room, Marian Merlino, David Gonzalez
International Human Rights Lawyer, Tina Minkowitz
Activists, Anita Cameron, George Ebert, Rolando Bini, Sabrina Johnson, Leah Harris, and many more

Supporting vigils will be held in various places around the world.

So if, like me, you can’t be present at this event in person, you can be there in spirit. Gather a few friends and supporters about you, and you too can express your solidarity with those involved in this event by holding a vigil and/or demonstration of your own in your locality.

Help us achieve justice for Ms. Green and people like her!