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Year’s Zenith

Celebrations can be said to be mad in that they represent a lapse from our typical everyday sane way of life. Many Christian holidays, having a pagan basis, allow the shadow of the cross to be lifted from our shoulders for a few lost hours. When the occasion bears no such Christian pretensions, our conventional way of existence is even less valid, and anything goes.

Today at Stonehenge 35,000 people showed up to celebrate the summer solstice.

“There has been a great atmosphere and where else would you want to be on midsummer’s day?” said Peter Carson of English Heritage, the body in charge of Stonehenge.

Summer solstice, of course, must represent for some people much the same things as New Years Eve does for others. Given these heights, in terms of social mania and mass hysteria, what can the rest of the year be by comparison but doldrums and regrets? (For some people, read depression.) On a more mythological level, isn’t New Years Eve the Christianized Saturnalia? Still, I haven’t time to go into that at the moment. (I’m also refraining from lamenting the crackdown that just started in a certain Middle Eastern country due to this event.)

What’s left for the rest of the year? Should a drag develop we could always throw our own little bacchanal, or following Lewis Carroll example in one of Alice’s Adventures, we could celebrate un-birthdays. Hold on, all is not lost…13 more days, and American’s have their independence day to celebrate. Wouldn’t it be mad for people in other nation’s to join them in this celebrating! Especially those living in totalitarian countries!

This leads to the next holiday, and a reminder, Mad Pride is celebrated around the world on Bastille Day, and that is only 23 days away. Do you have your own personal Bastille to storm!? Well then, why not join us as we celebrate on July 14 our release from the bedlams of this world. The more the merrier, and so on that day you’re under no compulsion to gather your thoughts, or succor a hangover, before the 15th. Alcoholics can do so metaphorically, and only after consuming non-alcoholic beer, punch, or beverages. Let substance abusers, unless they are incorrigibly obese, or it contains an illicit substance, eat cake!

Excuse me, no offense was intended. You can do as you want. Should it lead to an early demise, well, those things can turn legendary, and thus keep the celebration going. If it doesn’t, we won’t need extra bodies to do your celebrating for you. Anyway, it all works out, and the next mid-summers eve is as fit for romance as any other might have been if you missed out on this one.