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Green Mind, Good Mind, Healthy Mind

One problem with the chemical imbalance theory. and the pharmaceutical products that have been developed because of it, is that no chemical balance has ever been found in people who aren’t labeled mentally ill to justify any such theory.

The chemical imbalance theory rather than developing out of any study of what was going on in the brain of people in general instead developed out of the way the drugs work on the brain when doctors were giving it to crazy people to control their behavior.

These drugs have nasty effects. These effects cause many people who have taken these drugs to throw out their pills. Doctors and drug manufacturers have been doing research to develop drugs that their patients are more apt to take.

The result of this search for the more perfect drug has been drugs that cause a great many health complications, and wind up killing people off 25 years earlier than the average person.

Psychiatric drugs are addictive. When you change a person’s chemistry, then that person adjusts to working under this altered brain chemistry. Take the drug away, and a person can wind up back in the hospital. The person will have to, if he or she can, readjust to working under his or her natural chemistry again.

Change a person’s chemistry for a long enough period of time, and you will have damaged that person to an irreparable extent. Change the person’s chemistry for even a relatively short period of time, and you risk doing damage to that person.

Children are naturally anxious; it’s no disease when it comes of inexperience; one learns by living and doing. Dealing with social situations through drugs can prevent the child from learning how to deal with his or her emotions well into adulthood.

Drugs, and the drugs used to mute the emotions of the labeled mentally ill are no exception, work by impairing brain function. Reliance on chemical substances for emotional stability is its own best critique. As some ex-users of psychedelic drugs are fond of saying, “There is no high like the high of nature.”

Psychiatric drugs can prevent a person from experiencing this natural high. For this and other reasons, alternative treatments need to be developed and established for people labeled mentally ill that don’t involve the use of these drugs for those people who desire to have such an option.

We don’t need to encourage people to drink polluted water, we don’t need to encourage people to breathe polluted air, and we don’t need to encourage them to swallow the pollution that comes in a pill bottle either.