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When Sickness Is Your Bread And Butter

Eureka! There’s Gold In Them Thar Children!

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) as a diagnosis hasn’t been around even 50 years, and already psychiatrists think they have found a genetic base for it. Try again, doctors. All kids are problem kids, they call it growing up. In the medieval period children were painted as miniature adults, but we all know they weren’t miniature replicas of their parents, they were children. Still they had no ADHD then. I wonder what they were doing right that we are doing wrong. Better luck next time. I don’t see any real Rococo angels and cherubim flying around your room. I don’t see any flying pigs or pink elephants either. Write your thesis on Barbie, Ken, and Skipper. Maybe if you keep at them test tubes you will come up with the perfect Mother, Father, and Child. Ah, forever! Not to be put off, if you find any flaws in your pursuit thereof, you can give it a diagnosis, develop a drug for it, and make a bundle of greenbacks selling that drug. Look at how successful ADHD has been!

Uh, right. You are sooo correct. The above mentioned article does have to do with the adult variety of ADHD. Well, as you must know, ADHD children, if they are lucky, grow up to become ADHD adults. Many sufferers of the adult variety of ADHD came by this disease through first being diagnosed as children. Incidentally, before ADHD was an adult disease, it was a child disease. Gee, I guess it’s growing up. I wish I could say the same for some of its sufferers.

Online Mental Health Test

Are you worried about whether you might have a mental illness or not? You can now resolve the issue by taking a test for mental illness on line, and as this article says, self diagnose yourself. According to the Doctor who developed this test, 90% of the people who take this test have been shown to have some kind of emotional disorder, and should seek immediate help. I’ll bet!

Question. Where can a person go to take this test, and receive his or her very own mental disorder diagnosis?

Answer. If you are really desparate to have a mental illness, you might find the website below helpful:

Mac Anxiety