Exit Janie

What gets me about people in the mental health/illness system is how thoroughly so many of the people who are in that system have been brainwashed. Alright, brainwash is a strong word, and perhaps I need to take a moment to explain.

I used to volunteer with the Virginia Organizing Project, a social justice organization, and a couple I met who also worked with that organization had a relative in the mental health/illness system, and they were telling me how once a person entered that system all forms of behavior were interpreted in terms of disease.

Yes, no, or maybe? Isn’t it a yes?

The only people buying mental health are the so called mentally ill. This is a fraction of the total population. The mentally healthy have no need to buy mental health as it comes with the territory. The mental health/illness system sees itself as selling mental health to the mentally ill. The mental health/illness system isn’t sustainable without people who are convinced they are mentally ill.

There are causes for actions besides disease unless, of course, you get caught up in this system where so much behavior is seen as the symptom of a disease that must be suppressed and managed as it can’t be eradicated. In the mental health/illness system there are two types of behavior, legimate behavior and diseased behavior. Folks in the mental health/illness system are dismissive of anything tainted with the disease.

We will skip the preliminaries…Janie came into conflict with her family, her boyfriend, her husband, her neighbors, her associates, the law, etc., and got thrown into the Looney Bin…but you get the idea.

Janie absorbs the propaganda, and Janie discovers she is sick. Janie has a chemical imbalance. This sickness is, like, a physical disease. Although there is no cure, it can be managed through medications. Janie is going to have to take these medications for the rest of her life due to the seriousness of Janie’s condition.

Anybody who questions this line of reasoning can’t be right because it came from an expert source. This expert source is an expert source because it repeats the words of other expert sources. All the experts behind these expert sources have had many years of ideological indoctrination (if they use the word experience, think error), and so, of course, they can’t be wrong.

If she read the propaganda and followed it, Janie will die 25 years earlier than her neighbor will die. There is also a high likelihood that before Janie kicks the bucket entirely she will develop debilitating involuntary and uncontrollable twitches of her face and limbs. Her state of mind may also deteriorate (whatever that means) under the effect of the pills she has been popping.

Oh, and if the doctor says Janie is mentally ill, and Janie disagrees with the doctor, Janie is either in denial, or Janie lacks insight into the seriousness of her condition. The doctor can’t be in denial, nor can he lack insight, he’s the expert.

Where was Janie before all this began? Was she standing ln the railway station? A lot of excess baggage comes with a serious mental illness. Maybe Janie should have second thoughts, and just walk on.

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