Pardon me if I don’t recognize the seriousness of your condition but

Philip Dawdy, author of the Furious Seasons blog, just celebrated the second anniversary of his going off psychiatric drugs. This is 2 drug free years following 18 years on psychiatric drugs.

Way to go, Philip! A whole lot of people, judging from the comments, sympathize, support, or just plain react to your anniversary, and your very successful blog.

I could say I was suffering from pangs of envy here and there, and I wouldn’t be lying.

He says his case establishes 1 of 4 things. A conclusion I’m much less sure about.

1. He had a bad diagnosis, and he was never bipolar. (Is that anything like a misdiagnosis?)
2. Bipolar disorder burns out over time.
3. He is a medical miracle of some kind.
4. He is sick, delusional, soon to be hospitalized.

Given the forty fold increase in the diagnosis for bipolar disorder reported a few years back, I don’t think Philip’s case can be very unusual in the least. A lot of people must have some kind of imaginary disorder these days.

I remember when I was taking a Psychology course in college, and Bipolar Disorder was described as a rare genetic disorder. Robert Schumann, the musician, was seen as the primary example of somebody who may have been suffering from this disorder.

Boy, have times changed! Now all sorts of people from Sir Isaac Newton to Lord Byron to Abraham Lincoln are thought to have had undiagnosed bipolar disorder.

I have had all sorts of people introduce themselves to me as bipolar. I ignore such indiscretions as much as I am able to do so. I’ve never seen a bipolar disorder up close. I have only seen people somebody claimed were bipolar.

I’d ask for it on a microscope slide, the way you could do with syphilis, but I know better than to do so. Psst. They haven’t really found it yet.

It doesn’t happen so much with people who have other bogus diseases. I don’t find people introducing themselves as schizophrenic, or depressed, or, heaven forbid, ADHD so much. It’s just people who have been tagged bipolar seem to think this makes them special.

I could say come back after it clears up, I just don’t think that would work.