Governor Urged To Stop Drugging Children

According to an article in the July 23rd issue of the Miami Herald, a married couple, Mirko and Regina Ceska, have urged Florida’s Governor Charlie Crist to stop the over medication of foster children in his state.

Marko and Regina have two adoptive foster daughters, both of whom were said to be on some 11 psychiatric drugs apiece when they first entered into the Ceska’s care. One of the drugs both of these girls were on was the powerful antipsychotic drug Seroquel.

“These girls were overdosed and would fall asleep right in front of us several times a day,” Mirko Ceska said.

“It seems to be a prerequisite for foster children to be on medication,” he added. “So many are on psychotropic drugs.”

The Crawfordville couple weaned the girls off their medication, and their behavior markedly improved, they said.

George Shelton, the Department of Children and Families secretary, has asked both parents to testify before a committee investigating the over use of psychiatric drugs on foster children in Florida.

Regina Ceska, a nurse, said she and her husband found a “shocking” number of children in the foster system appear to be medicated with Seroquel, which she said shouldn’t be used on children.

Gov. Charlie Crist urged to stop ‘chemical restraint’ of foster kids

Hopefully Marco and Regina’s example will encourage other brave parents to come forward and testify about this kind of drugging, and the horrific effects it can have on children in Florida’s foster care.

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