Furor In New Mexico

Oh, dear. A few demented folks in New Mexico, after losing the battle two or three times before, are back and trying push a version of New York’s Kendra’s Law in their state.

According to one article a group of advocates support passing such a bill. In another article the mayor of Albuquerque comes out in favor of such a law. This is where the real whirlwind had originated apparently, in an Albuquerque city council meeting.

Flashback to last year and the year before and you will see something of the same sort going on in Albuquerque.

These citizens of Albuquerque, the mayor, and among others, a wounded police officer, want to take the matter to the Governor.

Under the law, a family member or doctor files a petition in district court against a person with mental illness who demonstrates signs of violence.

After a hearing, a judge can rule that person has to take medication and a guardian has to oversee the treatment.

If that person isn’t in compliance, he or she can be arrested.

Let’s hope the surrounding areas in New Mexico can manage to retain their reasoning capacity.

New York and New Mexico, the New in their names notwithstanding, are very different states. Kendra’s Law is costing New York a lot of money. New York has the kind of money New Mexico doesn’t have. Given the economics of the matter alone—We’re experiencing an economic crisis, remember!–Kendra’s Law probably has a good chance of being defeated again.

I hope so anyway. If you’ve ever read Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World you will recall that the center of the opposition to the horror that the world had become was located somewhere near Taos, New Mexico. That being the case, it would be a shame to see the last outpost of independent lifestyles and free thinking disappear from the face of the planet entirely.