Twitteritis or Twitter Therapy

I’ve never been one who favored the confessional mode in literature, still there are some outstanding things that can be said about that mode. It’s just not pure. When I hear what’s going on with Joe Blow my automatic gut reaction is often, “Hey, too much information, bub. Zip it!” Television acting can’t be a very competitive field, or it wouldn’t be such a complete and utter wasteland, and it’s a bleak and desolate wasteland. Anybody could do as well, and anybody often does just that. Let me just add that kids aren’t the only ones who say the darndest things.

There are twitter sites on ending ‘the stigma of mental illness’, and there are twitter sites on ‘how to know whether you’re dealing with a ‘kook’’. These tweets are from twits who think they have one of those things they may or may not think are stigmatized. These tweets are not from twits who wonder whether their shudders are the creeps, or the onset of a serious infatuation. When it comes to investigations, I’m afraid that the investigators never got around to fully investigating themselves.

Before anybody starts getting off on the following twitter snippets though, please note the 3 laws of Power Responsibility and Freedom that psychologist David Smail claims, if completely understood, would save people a whole lot of anxiety.

“Absolutely everybody wants to be liked (law 1).

Everyone feels different inside (less confident, less able, etc.) from how they infer other people to feel (law 2).

Few honest and courageous people who have achieved anything of real value in life do not feel a fraud much of the time (law 3)”.

Wikipedia David Smail (psychologist)

Now explanations aside, the backless medicine cabinet thrown open on a view into the dwelling opposite, on with the show.

‘Mental Illness’ Tweets

More Than A Third Of Homeowners In Foreclosure Suffer From Major Depression (source: Medical News Today)

If he knew I was mentally ill, would he still find me attractive?

starting to get paranoid with so many people following me…lol…do you know who I am?

this is insane…i am supposed to be the crazy one…i should be driving people crazy…not the other way around…grrr

went back to office…and had another telephone argument with mom…she has always been more insane than anyone else and still no diagnosis!

I had ECT yesterday.

lol, sometimes I think she’s crazier than me, but then I have a panic attack and it sets me straight.

i suffer from bipolar disorder and my girlfriend has borderline personality disorder with anxiety and depression. we’re nuts!

some people slash wrists…you drink cheap coffee.