Psycho Donuts Blinks

6a00d83451b46269e20120a50a3b1e970b-250wiThe owner of Psycho Donuts of Campbell, California, succumbing to pressure from NAMI and other mental illness groups, is making a few changes.

The Bipolar donut is now Mood Swing, and the Massive Head Trauma donut is now Head Banger. Jekyll and Hyde is a new comer to the donut line up. The shop is also taking a more Rock and Roll slant with the addition of a Glazed and Confused donut, and a Mellow Submarine donut. In league with these changes the Padded Cell booth is being transformed into a Music Studio booth.

Psycho and Cereal Killer are being kept though as nobody seems to care what you do with them as long as you get rid of them.

For those of us with loved ones who suffer from severe mental illnesses, Psycho Donuts is no laughing matter.

Mental illness isn’t a punchline

So says author Peter Early with whom I beg to disagree. One of the problems with many of the people who have gotten corralled into the mental health illness system is that they take themselves and their diagnostic tags all together too seriously. Obsess and the severity of your problem mounts. When you ‘lighten up’, the seriousness of your serious mental illness just isn’t what it was before hand. Another way I’ve heard this put is “good shit floats” .

I don’t think there is any doubt about it that the disturbed person who cannot forget his or her disturbance for awhile is more disturbed than the person who can.

Give it a rest, said Soheil Rezaee in the San Jose Independent Examiner. “I’m an advocate of equal rights and a more tolerant world toward all people of different races, religion, gender, and sexual orientation.” But “not every damn group” in the country is entitled to protection from all harmless ribbing. “So just ignore the disruption and enjoy a tasty donut.”

Psycho donuts and mental health

Here I must most heartily disagree. Intolerance and discrimination doesn’t end with skin color, belief system, genitalia, or gender preference. It helps to remember that homosexuality was once listed as a mental disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual psychiatrists use to label their patients. It is only logical to assume that there are prejudices beyond those dealt with, and that sooner or later folks will have to deal with these prejudices as well.

Double standards are double standards, and I certainly think I have detected the hint of them in Mr. Rezaee’s attitudes toward ‘other groups’.

Such matters aside, “ignore the disruption and enjoy a tasty donut.”

Way too much has been made out of the efforts at hand to curtail the Psycho Donuts shop owner’s freedom of expression. We need instead to do something about insuring those guarantees of freedom for all of us that are being threatened when turncoats, traitors and other enemies of liberty pass coerced mental health treatment laws.

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