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Campaign Launched – STOP FORCE NOW!


Calling All Individuals, Groups, & Organizations to Take the Pledge
Our Mission is to Stop Forced “Mental Health” Treatment

Our Principles:

1. People should not be forced to take psychiatric drugs or given electroshock against their will. Period.

2. People should not be subjected to forced psychiatric detention/confinement.

3 People should not be subject to restraint, seclusion, and aversive interventions.

4 People should not be subject to Involuntary Outpatient Commitment.

5 Choices to alternatives of the coercive medical model of the “mental health system”.

6. Children, youth, and young people should not be subject to inappropriate and harmful psychiatric interventions including:

Psychiatric Drugging
Aversive Interventions
Psychiatric confinement/detention.

Take the Pledge. “I pledge to do my part . . .” Act Now.

Start a Crew. Build a Squad

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Nationwide Organizing Call to Action
Campaign Headquarters

158 Jefferson Street
Albany, NY 12210
Daniel Hazen (202) 340-4372
& Lauren Tenney (516) 319-4295

Callings Real And Hallucinated

I was once involved with a consumer advisory council associated with a community mental health agency that was resorting to what I think is another contemporary folly happening with more and more frequency these days. Members of this consumer advisory council had come up with a number of sound bites on ‘mental illness’ to be distributed and released over the radio. This effort was seen as some part of an overall campaign against stigma. Unfortunately for them, fortunately for the rest of us, the media didn’t take to the idea.

My view was that the community in this instance had less of a need for understanding ‘mental illness’ than these ‘consumers’ had a need for understanding ‘mental wellness’. You can spend your entire life in the system, talking about recovery, but that’s not recovering. Blaming community members is not the same as creating some kind of meaningful dialogue with actual members of the community. The only thing standing in between any of these council members and that kind of dialogue was an impediment in their way of thinking.

The mental illness rate has been climbing for years. It has been climbing because 1. the drugs used to treat the illness typically make folks sicker, and 2. mental health care is a business. Law enforcement officers and mental health professionals are now looking into the community imagining all these mentally ill people that are afraid to come forward and have some doctor slap a diagnosis on them. It is claimed that they are not stepping forward because of the stigma attached to ‘mental illness’. Yeah, right.

As I was saying, mental health care is a business. If that business declines, people are even less likely to spend money on it, and people in that business will lose their jobs. There is no danger of this business declining right now. Mental health care is booming actually, despite all reports to the contrary. Many more undiagnosed people have come forward to receive their diagnoses every year. A 40 fold rise in the number of bipolar cases reported certainly wouldn’t have occurred if the business hadn’t room to expand.

Throw into this mix advertisements for mental illness, and you have a concoction the doctor couldn’t have imagined if he had been dreaming. Are there enough masochists out there to fill the community mental health centers throughout this country? You betcha! This is America after all! Just go and take a peek inside your local mental health center sometime, and you can see them coalesing. Well, there comes a time for a hiatus from hiatus after awhile. Have you ever heard the expression, “I’d rather be surfing”? It sure beats therapy, doesn’t it? Hey, why don’t we hit the beaches, and catch a few waves? That would be fun I imagine, and we could even look into making a career of it.