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Campaign Launched – STOP FORCE NOW!


Calling All Individuals, Groups, & Organizations to Take the Pledge
Our Mission is to Stop Forced “Mental Health” Treatment

Our Principles:

1. People should not be forced to take psychiatric drugs or given electroshock against their will. Period.

2. People should not be subjected to forced psychiatric detention/confinement.

3 People should not be subject to restraint, seclusion, and aversive interventions.

4 People should not be subject to Involuntary Outpatient Commitment.

5 Choices to alternatives of the coercive medical model of the “mental health system”.

6. Children, youth, and young people should not be subject to inappropriate and harmful psychiatric interventions including:

Psychiatric Drugging
Aversive Interventions
Psychiatric confinement/detention.

Take the Pledge. “I pledge to do my part . . .” Act Now.

Start a Crew. Build a Squad

For more information:


Also – join our Facebook group:


Nationwide Organizing Call to Action
Campaign Headquarters

158 Jefferson Street
Albany, NY 12210
Daniel Hazen (202) 340-4372
& Lauren Tenney (516) 319-4295

2 Responses

  1. Dear Sir Madam

    People should have a choice in what they receive from people .

    It does deter people from seeking care more when forced , causes more agression .

    • Forced treatment involves a lack of choice by definition. I am for choice and I am against coercive treatment practices. Mental health treatment should not used as punishment. Locked wards are locked precisely to prevent people held within them from exercising their freedom of choice. Undoubtedly the lack of choice involved is going to produce aggression in some, if not all, individuals who have had their freedoms taken away from them.

      Involuntary treatment does not take place without assault or the threat of assault. We may call this assault something else, like treatment, but what it is is assault. Assault is mistreatment or maltreatment, and it can be a very traumatic experience for people to endure.

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