Psychiatric Prisoner Escapes

I’m rooting for a fugitive today.

This man beat up some staff member you say, well, bully for him! He was locked up under Britain’s criminal Mental Health Act, and therefore this ‘assault’ would best be characterized as self defense.

I hope this man is able to elude the British law in the future, and I hope he finds a safe refuge somewhere. If the British authorities catch him, they are unlikely to see this act of self defense for what it was, and that’s the truly sad part of it.

He was being held against his will.

A couple of bruisers at the facility where he was being held could have held him down, and they could have stuck a needle in his posterior, and nobody would have raised an eyebrow, but that’s assault!

Keep running, Kristos! Keep running until you reach the more perfect place you are looking for.

Search For Mental Health Patient

Kristos Sofrianou, 25, a resident at Clare House, North Benfleet, near Basildon, was last seen there on Saturday night.

He is wanted in connection with an allegation of assault on a member of staff and should not be approached, Essex Police said.

It is believed he has links to London and the West Country.

Supt Steve Worron, of Essex Police, said: “Our primary concern is for public safety as well as Mr Sofrianou’s own welfare.

“We are hoping someone can help us return him to hospital where he can receive the treatment that he requires.”

Mr Sofrianou had been detained under the Mental Health Act, police added.

He is of mixed race, about 5ft 8in (1.72m), of slim build and has brown eyes and a shaved head.

He is described as having a mixed London and West Country accent and has a 4in (10.1cm) burn mark on the right side of his neck and a 4in (10.1cm) scar from a cut on his right leg.

He was wearing blue jeans, a black T-shirt with red and white lettering on it and black and green trainers.

He is not thought to have any family connections in Essex.

If you see this man, Kristos Sofrianou, be brave and befriend him if you can, even if that means breaking the law of your country to do so. Whatever you do, don’t turn him in. The law, in this instance, is very wrong.