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Encouraging Alternate Career Paths

It’s a bad joke in politics and in sports, but it’s more than a bad joke to those who are convinced they are afflicted by it. I’m talking about mental illness here. Serious mental illness is a big problem that affects a whole bunch of people in the world. It’s a big problem that starts with taking mental illness seriously. That’s how mental illnesses get serious.

Although it may be a sound investment in a growth industry, I don’t consider investing in mental illness a very good investment to make. By good in this case I don’t mean profitable, I mean virtuous. Running facilities of mental health illness treatment I consider a vice. I don’t think the operation of these what amount to mental illness factories are the right way to go.

People who take mental illness seriously kill themselves more often than do people who don’t take mental illness seriously. This is obviously an argument for taking your mental illness a little less seriously.

I know people who say that mental illness is a serious matter that shouldn’t be joked about. Some of these people are relatives of people who claim to have a mental illness. Some of these people even think they have a mental illness. I’m not averse to the idea of interjecting a little levity into the matter. I’m of the opinion that it wouldn’t hurt them to just let their mental illness slide for awhile, and then maybe they could take a look at it from another perspective. Then maybe they could look at it from the outside.

If they are able to let their mental illness slide in this trial run, then the potential is great that they should be able to let their mental illness slide on a more permanent basis.

There is some question as to whether mental illness is an illness at all. This question arises due to the fact that you won’t find any mental illnesses on microscope slides. These are stubborn diseases. If they weren’t mental, if they were physical, they’d appear on those darned microscope slides. They don’t appear on microscope slides, frankly, because they’re mental.

You’ve got families, communities, textbooks, academies, hospitals, police forces, and a whole army of professionals to convince a person that he or she has a mental illness. What you don’t have are the families, the communities, the textbooks, the academies, the hospitals, the law enforcement officers, and the troops to dissuade this individual from thinking that he or she has a mental illness. This is a very real shortcoming.

Extended families, friends, jobs, and shelters can prove very helpful in performing this sort of dissuasion service when given the chance to do so. There are other careers in the world to be pursued, if it’s a career at all, besides that of permanent psychological invalid.

2 Responses

  1. You know, sometimes I wonder what I’m doing, blogging about something that doesn’t exist… If that’s not insane… 😀 But, well, the families, communities, textbooks, academies, hospitals, police forces, and the whole army of professionals who are occupied with this something that is a no-thing do exist. So, it’s maybe not me who’s insane anyway, blogging about these very much existing people – and their very much existing delusions. 😀

  2. As the biblical saying goes, judge not lest ye be judged.

    What we need are qualified specialists to diagnose the doctors presently doing the diagnosing. They’re just not right in the head.

    Society is ‘sicker’ than ever was any individual. We’re poisoning the air and water. We’re wiping out the wildlife. We’re treating our neighbors atrosciously. We’re widening the gap between the rich and the poor. We’re going to war. Everybody involved in fighting a war ‘is a danger to oneself or others.’ Who’s locking the armies up!? Who’s locking up these very dangerous politicians who sell their vote to the highest bidder!? People in the mental health system are victims of a vicious double standard.

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