Mad Pride On Campus

Please excuse my lack of posts for the last few days, but I had a prior commitment. I was busy Wednesday through Friday of last week with the Civic Media Center’s Radical Rush on the University of Florida campus. I was manning an informational table containing literature about psychiatric drugs, human rights violations in psychiatric treatment, and the organization MindFreedom International. It is my feeling that the matter of iatrogenic diseases in the mental health field is one of the most under reported stories of our time, and I want to do my part to help close this information gap. There are better ways to treat people in distress than by giving them health destroying drugs. One of the most pressing concerns I have, at present, is that of bringing some of these better ways to the sunshine state. This tabling at the Plaza of the Americas on the University of Florida campus represents a first step in bringing some of these better ways to Florida. Hopefully this will also represent the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship with the Civic Media Center, and the progressive groups in Gainesville that play a part in bringing about such change. If eventually we are able to gather a small group of enlightened psychiatric survivors and mental health consumers in our area, this group could serve as a beacon for other activists in the mental health field looking for community throughout the entire southeastern United States. Alright, maybe I’m dreaming, but then, where do realities begin if not as dreams?