Joblessness affects mental health survey says

Oh, no! It’s into the trash with the biological theory of psychiatric disorders again! A survey just found that joblessness increases mental health disorders.

This anyway is what I’ve picked up from The Philadelphia Inquirer story, Survey finds mental-health troubles rise in jobless:

Unemployed people are four times more likely to experience severe mental-health issues, including depression, than people with jobs, according to a survey released yesterday by the National Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health America.

In fact, 13 percent of the unemployed say they have seriously considered harming themselves, the survey showed.

Yep, into the trash can with all this chemical imbalance rubbish unless it can be reasonably demonstrated that the unemployment gene is attached to the mental disorder gene.

According to the survey, severe mental illness is also twice as likely to affect people who have experienced a forced job change, such as cuts in pay or hours.

Seriously curtail a person’s ability to play the bread winner, and you could be seriously damaging that person’s mental stability. No!?

These survey results must seriously try people’s credibility, huh?