Homicides by People Labeled Schizophrenic Very Rare

Murders by people labeled schizophrenic are extremely rare according to an AHN global news service article on a study conducted in Australia.

Homicides of strangers by schizophrenics are low enough that the public’s fear of mentally ill people is “completely misplaced,” Dr. Olav Nielssen, of the University of New South Wales, and one of the study’s main authors, said in a statement.

The study began in Australia, but there were so few incidents that the researchers had to expand it to include Canada, Finland and the Netherlands. The researchers put the chances of being murdered by a schizophrenic person that you don’t know at around 1 in 14 million

When your chance of being murdered by a schizophrenic person you don’t know are at 1 in 14 million, I would say your chances of being murdered by a non-schizophrenic person you don’t know are appreciably much higher than that.

When it does occur, the offenders are likely to be homeless and have a history of antisocial behavior, the researchers said. The victims are more likely to be male and the murders rarely happened in the victim’s home or workplace. Most of the perpetrators never received treatment before committing the violence.

These study results, according to the article, were published in the October 12th issue of the Schizophrenia Bulletin.

We need a few studies done in the USA to compare results with this Australian study. Despite the differences between our countries, I feel certain that any study done here would come basically to the same conclusion.