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Mental Illness Detection Device Tested

Australian researchers are working on developing an electrode ear implant that can be used as a diagnostic tool for serious mental illness.

According to an article, Mental illness diagnosis in just one hour, in The Australian:

Researchers at Monash University have invented an electrode that, when placed in the ear, can detect changing brain patterns as a patient is tilted in different directions. This identifies “bio-markers” for mental illness.

The test takes an hour, compared with the weeks, months and even years sometimes needed to diagnose severe illnesses such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.

While the technology needs further testing, it could be widely available within five to 10 years, reducing misdiagnosis and allowing better-targeted treatment.

Psychologists are skeptical of the matter claiming to already have tests that can diagnose serious mental illness in 5 to 10 minutes.

The device has been tested on 200 people, and it will be tested on thousands researchers say before it is approved.

I would question the accuracy of any such device. Mental illness screening tests are notorious for their false positive rates. These devices are being tested on mental patients. What if a certain percentage of the non-depressed, non-delusional, and other non-demented people displayed unusual brain wave patterns?

On a more sinister level, what is the true purpose of any such a device if not to aid pharmaceutical companies in selling their psychiatric drugs?

Perhaps these electrodes would be good only for detecting the brain changes that go along with the use of psychiatric drugs. Who knows?

One of the big myths in today’s world is that there are all these untreated mad folk out there that the looney bins haven’t caught up with yet. The mental illness rate swells as our wayward experts go to ever more outrageous lengths to weed out such uncaught looney birds.

Where does it all end? Where it all began, of course, with an undue alarm being sounded.

Oh, on a more positive note, here is another device on top of electroshock machines, pharmaceutical products, and a growing victim population to make a fortune on.

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  1. Medication is not the only answer.

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