Sunday Web Surfing Report

Colleges See Rise In Mental Health Issues

Mental illness rates are up on campus. Whoopee! Become a part of a trend, and see your college or university mental health counselor today.

“When there are more odd balls in this world, I will be even”, offers Miss Kook.

Hmmm. Maybe mental health screening has something to do with it?

Pastor: Society pressure causing mental disorders

Can societal pressure cause mental illness? A Trinidad pastor thinks so. I happen to agree with him.

(“What? No bad genes!? Sacrilege!”, screams Dr. Balderdash.)

David Murphy blames the high rate of mental illness in the world today on a lack of spiritual presence, and he calls for more good old time religion, and a return to family values.

Uh huh. That might work.

Being near nature improves physical, mental health

Skinny dipping anyone?

Proximity to nature can have a positive effect on your health, physical and mental, according to this USA Today article on a Dutch study.

It makes perfect sense to me.