Mental Health Recovery

I found an interesting Canadian article, When the office gives back, about mental illness and the workplace.

You get the stories of two successfull professionals labeled mentally ill here, together with the testimonies of mental health professionals and paraprofessionals.

I thought the second person’s story was particularly refreshing.

Mark Gruchy, a criminal defence lawyer in St. John’s, has not required any form of accommodation, but he has felt the sting of social prejudice and stigma, having been diagnosed with bipolar illness when he was 15.

From the age of 15 to 23, he says, his life was completely disrupted.

His saving grace was an adult education program at the College of the North Atlantic, which allowed him to complete a high school equivalency and gain confidence. “The program saved my life. It helped restore my sense of worth.”

He gained high marks at this college, won a scholarship to a university, and became a lawyer.

“I’ve been stable and healthy through university and working life,” Mr. Gruchy says.

“Recovery from illness – even serious illness – is a lot more common than everybody realizes.”

Wow! You can say that!?

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