Take a long vacation, and call me when you return

Yikes! A sense of helplessness can feed itself, can’t it?

Here’s an article I’ve recently had an collision with entitled Getting Medical Help for the Mind as Well as the Body. This is the kind of thing I have to respond to by asking why would the mind need medical help.

Stressed? Depressed? Or worse?

You wouldn’t be alone. Unstable economic times can lead to unstable states of mind.

“As life become more unpredictable, levels of toxic stress increase,” says David L. Shern, the president of Mental Health America, a nonprofit advocacy group based in Alexandria, Va.

Toxic stress no less!

But when you’re worrying about money, it’s hard to spend money on getting help — as in $200-an-hour therapy sessions.

Were you ever wondering why some of us turn a cold shoulder to the whole racket (& racket it is!) of mental health treatment?

I will give you a few more clues.

In the past she would have gotten a recommendation from a friend or doctor and paid the going rate. “I used to think network therapists were not as good,” she said. “But I was wrong.” She’s delighted with her choice and the cost: just $30 a session, no matter how many family members attend.

Oh, alright. Just remember, $30 a session isn’t exactly total liberation.

BE PUSHY During times of high anxiety you need all the support you can get. Don’t be shy about using your mental health benefits, and don’t be shy about challenging your insurer if you are not getting the help you need. The new law provides people with mental health issues greater access to care — take advantage of it.

Yeah, there’s that trap, or you could just pour yourself a drink or two. Only do it just to unwind because we are not self-medicating here.

There’s a lot that’s wrong with the new law. For one thing, if the mental illness ends when the insurance runs out, the insurance doesn’t run out here, and thus you have a permanent emotional cripple subsidized by Joe Tax Payer.

One thing about vacations, they are stress busters for sure.

Vacations can cost money, sure, but not vacations from treatment, they don’t cost a penny.

Vacation around the house even. It could be loads of fun.

Try it sometime. It just might work.

You will have to excuse me as I have an imaginary symphony to attend. It is called The Desertion of The Worry Warts.

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