Diseased Babies Misguided Parents

Some institutions and staff have a great deal of trouble dealing with ‘the terrible twosomes’. Before anybody starts establishing a drug regimen for his or her toddler, maybe he or she should read the article Ritalin? But my son’s only two out of Great Britain. This article details the cases of two, maybe three, children who were saved from just such a fate.

An outsider would be forgiven for thinking, “Well, obviously there is something seriously wrong with this child. Why else would the doctor suggest drastic action?” And that’s also what I thought — for about five minutes. And then I thought: don’t be ridiculous. He’s your son, you know him. And he’s 2 years old.

As one psychologist put it, when speaking about a child whose school was trying to label him mildly autistic, some children need more parenting than others. Interestingly enough, the child’s behavior was transformed by a change in routine.