The Lily Foundation And Cemetery Reclamation

Some people you are probably better off not making your partner.

The Lily Foundation, for example, established by the same family behind the company that brought you Zyprexa, is donating $2,500 to the Toledo State Hospital Cemetery Reclamation Project in honor of labeled schizophrenic artist Larry Wanucha.

Problem: These newer drugs, including Zyprexa, have been credited with having much to do with why people in the mental health system are dying off at an age on average 25 years younger than the rest of the population.

The patients buried at the old cemetery were buried before the development of atypical psychiatric drugs, and so that is not so much of an issue with that one. No, they only had shock treatments, sterilization, lobotomies and other abuses of power to help put them under the sod earlier than the rest of the population.

Burials at the newer cemetery stopped in 1973, well after the 1950s when the initial drugs had been developed. The effects of those older drugs led to the development of these newer atypical psychiatric drugs in the 1990s, of which Zyprexa is but one example. These older drugs could contribute to a premature demise as well, only maybe a tad less premature.

This is rather like having a major tobacco company donating money for the upkeep of a cemetery for cancer victims, and think, it’s a multi-billion dollar company shedding peanuts on this cemetery reclamation project.

I know it might be able to carve a granite legend or two with this pittance, but if I were the Toledo State Hospital Cemetery Reclamation Project I would send this $2,500 straight back to the Lily Foundation with a prompt thank you kindly, but we don’t need your blood money. We can and will go much further with people who truly care about people than we will with people who are throwing away chump change to placate their very real guilt.

Just think, buried before the development of Zyprexa, the lucky bastards!