You were wondering about the alarming rise in mental illness on campus

Mental illness is beginning to be seen as cool and trendy. You can’t be with it if you aren’t diseased. Why it’s like vampirism in the movie Twilight! Anyway, it would be the trend, if it weren’t for stigma.

As an article, Groups work to destigmatize mental illness, from The Minnesota Daily News relates:

When University of Minnesota junior Nellie Brau was in high school, she suspected she might be suffering from depression and anxiety. But she didn’t feel comfortable discussing her feelings with friends or family.

“I internalized the issue,” said Brau, who is majoring in global studies and French. “I was afraid to reach out, and I thought I would be judged or called crazy,” she said. Eventually she spoke out about how she was feeling and was diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety.

I like ‘crazy’ myself; ‘mental illness’ is a little too medical model for me. ‘Madness’ is college football and soccer.

After her diagnosis, Brau started an advocacy group at her high school aiming to destigmatize mental illnesses, and during her sophomore year at the University she joined a student group called Active Minds that has a similar goal. She is now president of the group.

Now the question remains, with mental illness seen as such a trendy disability, how will we ever destigmatize mental health recovery!?