Corruption In A Government Agency

Who is going to reign in the FDA (Food and Drug Administration)!? This totally irresponsible government agency has abandoned its regulatory capacity again and again and again. The agencies strings are being pulled by rich and powerful drug companies. If this were not the case, why would this agency be approving psychiatric drugs for uses beyond the uses for which they were originally designed and intended? Why would this agency be approving drugs for use by children and adolescents as safe that have lost numerous lawsuits due to the damage they’ve done to the health of people using them? Obviously such drugs are by no means safe for anyone, let alone children.

Among the recent decisions of the FDA was the approval of Seroquel XR, or an extended release form of Astra Zenica’s Seroquel, as an add-on drug for treating depression. We know that drug cocktails are one of the worst treatment courses of action you can take for treating people suffering from mental distress, and here Seroquel has been approved as another chemical compound in just such a drug cocktail. Seroquel has also been approved for treating schizophrenia in teenagers and for treating bipolar disorder in children and adolescents. Additionally the FDA approved Eli Lilly’s Zyprexa for the treatment of teenagers with schizophrenia and for the treatment of teenagers with bipolar disorder. Metabolic changes associated with these drugs that have contributed to the average age at death being 25 years younger for mental health consumers than that of the rest of population speak to the reasons why these drugs should have never gotten approved for all these usages.

There is an effort underway to get the ECT (electro-convulsive therapy) device reclassified from a class III device with the highest risk associated with it to a class II device that is relatively low risk. This approval would take place without any thorough going investigation taking place as to whether ECT is actually dangerous or safe. There is a good chance that after many years of forestalled efforts to reclassify shock devices, next year the FDA will approve this reclassification. Lacking an investigation into the actual risks involved with shock treatments, this kind of approval could only be based upon a lie. Shock devices should go through the same kind of rigorous examination that any other device would go through before approval. Why is the FDA being encouraged to circumvent studies into the safety or danger of shock treatments? Frankly because the proponents and manufacturers of these devices know the devices would never receive reclassification if any such investigation were allowed.

You have perhaps heard about drug companies being fined for the off label advertising of their drugs. This is when a company recommends a drug for some use the FDA hasn’t approved it for. So we know the FDA cares about procedural matters, and the maintaining of its power and control. The story you perhaps haven’t gotten is the story of all these drugs that have gained FDA approval for uses that they should have never been approved for in the first place. Obviously questions arise here as to how independent this agency is of the corporations it would be policing.

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