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The Parable Of The Thousand Different Holes

The octagonal peg will fit neither the square hole nor the round hole.

Of course, the octagonal peg must have a mental illness. On the other hand, maybe it is just octagonal rather than square or round.

We could give the octagonal peg drugs, but no amount of drugging will cure the octagonal peg of being an octagonal peg. Nevertheless, perhaps the drugs will help the octagonal peg better adjust to being octagonal.

Maybe we should just forget the drugs.

What does the octagonal peg need then?

The octagonal peg needs a board with octagonal holes in it rather than just round holes or square holes; otherwise the octagonal peg won’t be able to fit in with the other pegs.

It’s ok to be octagonal. Octagonal, after all, is a little more multidimensional than round or square. There’s refinement there. Perhaps even genius.

A world of only round pegs and square pegs is a boring world.

As long as we’re going to have octagonal pegs, we need to make boards with octagonal holes in them if we want these pegs to fit in.

A world without boards with octagonal holes is absurd to an octagonal peg, although it may seem to make perfect sense to a round peg or a square peg. Not only is it absurd, but it’s unfair.

Oh, no! Now the five pointed star peg is complaining!

Good night, boys and girls.