Crypto Creature ADHD Under The Magnifying Glass

My bullshit detector alarm is going off every time I do an internet search pertaining to matters psychiatric. Mental Health professionals now think they have the chimera Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, a disease that didn’t exist years ago, but which has been given its own illusory history, under wraps. Just Imagine–precision ADHD detecting!

This according to a Northwest Herald article, New technology makes ADHD diagnosis more precise, on the subject:

With new technology, diagnosing ADHD has become easier and more precise, said Dr. Robert Kohn, a neurologist and neuropsychiatrist with a private practice in McHenry [Illinois]. Doctors have been criticized for over-diagnosing the problem and over-prescribing powerful stimulants to treat it. New tests, such as the Quotient ADHD System, manufactured by BioBehavioral Diagnostics Co., and Neba, an EEG test by Lexicor, have “sharpened diagnosis and treatment,” Kohn said.

Apparently this diagnosis could give way to other diagnoses, and some of these diagnoses are much more ‘serious’, not to mention equally dubious, than the initial diagnosis. You’ve got an expanding population of the labeled mentally ill to bring in more mullah for those professionals who prey on them. That’s more business for shrinks and drug companies, folks. Whoopee!

While ADHD can be treated, it often is accompanied by other behavioral health issues. People with ADHD often have other psychiatric disorders. Depression, bipolar disorder, drug and alcohol abuse, and learning disorders are some examples, Kohn said.

It helps (I don’t know who, maybe mental health professionals?) to consider that according to this article children don’t outgrow it, and some undiagnosed adults have it.

The article ends on an even more curious note.

Not everyone with ADHD requires treatment. Some adults, especially those with mild cases, are able to manage, said [Dr. Sharyl] Balkin, who has worked with lawyers and doctors with ADHD.

“The more intelligent you are,” she said, “the more likely you are to get by without treatment.”

Hmmm, and nobody would see education as the answer? Stupid and gullible enough and you must have ADHD. Here’s a prescription of pills to feed it on.