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Mental Health Recovery Without Psychiatric Drugs

One of the greatest secrets of our time is the fact that people can and do fully
recover from serious mental illnesses. Those serious mental illnesses
that affected people have fully recovered from include major depressive disorder,
bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Much of the information published today,
chiefly by the mental health profession, on the subject that indicates
otherwise is frankly misinformation.

One of the biggest cover-ups of our time concerns the drugs so often used
to treat these conditions. Many of these drugs may seem to help in the
short term, but ultimately these drugs end up hindering, if not actually preventing,
recovery efforts in the long term. This is not all. Not only can these
chemicals sometimes impede the recovery process, but they are also
know to cause physical damage to those people taking these drugs
for predominately psychological or psychiatric reasons.

When people in mental health treatment are dying at a rate of on average 25 years earlier than the rest of the population, and the predominate cause of this earlier death
can be shown to be the drugs used ostensibly to treat the illness,
obviously the treatment is worse than the disease. Doctors are killing
people with the same substances these same doctors are claiming alleviate
the symptoms of those people’s illnesses. Unrealistically perhaps the façade of
normalcy is worth sacrificing 25 years of one’s life for, realistically this is an
incredible, outrageous, and completely unnecessary waste of humanity.

There are many safer and more humane ways to treat these fellow members of the human species than that of doping them into oblivion and death. Finding these better methods of treating the afflicted involves taking a few risks, and breaking out of habitual, customary, and often ineffective ways of dealing with them. When people in mental health treatment are given a wide array of treatment options, including nondrug options, then the
chances that lives will be saved in the process are much better than probable.