Is It Good To Be An Outsider When…

Consider the irony of going from a website where the ‘expert’ was telling the inquirer that SSRI antidepressant drugs don’t cause brain damage to a website detailing the damage, including brain damage, caused by SSRI antidepressant drugs, to a website where users of SSRI antidepressant drugs discuss so called side effects and the signs of damage, chiefly brain damage, these drugs have had on them.

I did that today.

4 Responses

  1. i have done that very same thing on more than one occasion…’s enlightening….and maddening. what is the website detailing brain damage from SSRIs that you were looking at?

  2. It is very good to be an outsider so long as you are not, like Camus’ character, bewildered.

    • No bewilderment here. Amusement maybe, and that’s sad. I believe consent is often informed in name only. I haven’t heard of any Doctors telling their depressed clients you could be trading your sex life for the depression these drugs relieve, and then some. If the drugs even relieve the depression. Most people are outsiders (not depressed) of this group, and glad of it. The danger is of greater estrangement for members inside the circle.

      I have taken antidepressants btw, not ssri antidepressants, mao inhibitors. I have no idea what the [side] effects of the antidepressants I was given might have been. I wasn’t on them very long. I didn’t get the idea they were doing any damn thing for me, and so I threw them out. I doubt mao inhibitors are any better for one than ssri drugs, but this saves me a good deal of worry about long term (year by year) consequences.

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