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When The Fish Go Belly Up

Try Googling the two key search terms “mentally ill” and “mentally disabled” sometime, and you will find perpetuators of crimes are likely to be described as “mentally ill” whereas victims of crimes are likely to be described as “mentally disabled.”

I don’t know? Is it more socially accepted to be disabled than it is to be ill?

Searching for “chemically disabled” news got me this found, but relatively random, comment.

Help for the Chemically Disabled – It Doesn’t Exist

D Ludlow
Apr 18, 2008 09:40 AM

(Your site does not allow me to add ideas but this seems to be the next best / appropriate spot where I can comment at least)

The Chemically Disabled are the forgotten disabled, the hidden and ignored disabled.

We can walk – BUT we cannot go anywhere.

We can climb stairs and open doors – BUT have no safe access to anything or anyone.

We can see – BUT we cannot read printed material.

We can hear – BUT not from the distance we have to keep between ourselves and everybody else.

We can eat and drink – BUT not very much.

We have the ability to do things – BUT not the energy and stamina and health to do them.

We are the newest and most rapidly growing category of disabled on the planet – BUT we do not fit ANY of the carefully crafted categories and definitions of the various disability services.

We are neither the physically disabled NOR the Mentally disabled – we are the CHEMICALLY disabled.

We are those who suffer from the quickly (and quietly) spreading epidemic of MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity).

We are among the most disabled – but the least supported. In fact there is virtually no support or recognition for us at all.

Check out MCS on the Internet for a host of information – and misinformation – about us.

Uh, is MCS anything like OCD? I hear comedian Howie Mandel has this thing about germs.

A lot of chemicals are floating around out there that shouldn’t be be floating around out there. It’s called pollution. Other clouds of smoke and gas sit in bathroom medicine cabinets. They’re called prescription medications. Some people (& the parents of 6 legged frogs, 2 headed turtles, etc.) are very sensitive about these matters.

The fact that psychiatric drugs disable brains didn’t come up.