When The Fish Go Belly Up

Try Googling the two key search terms “mentally ill” and “mentally disabled” sometime, and you will find perpetuators of crimes are likely to be described as “mentally ill” whereas victims of crimes are likely to be described as “mentally disabled.”

I don’t know? Is it more socially accepted to be disabled than it is to be ill?

Searching for “chemically disabled” news got me this found, but relatively random, comment.

Help for the Chemically Disabled – It Doesn’t Exist

D Ludlow
Apr 18, 2008 09:40 AM

(Your site does not allow me to add ideas but this seems to be the next best / appropriate spot where I can comment at least)

The Chemically Disabled are the forgotten disabled, the hidden and ignored disabled.

We can walk – BUT we cannot go anywhere.

We can climb stairs and open doors – BUT have no safe access to anything or anyone.

We can see – BUT we cannot read printed material.

We can hear – BUT not from the distance we have to keep between ourselves and everybody else.

We can eat and drink – BUT not very much.

We have the ability to do things – BUT not the energy and stamina and health to do them.

We are the newest and most rapidly growing category of disabled on the planet – BUT we do not fit ANY of the carefully crafted categories and definitions of the various disability services.

We are neither the physically disabled NOR the Mentally disabled – we are the CHEMICALLY disabled.

We are those who suffer from the quickly (and quietly) spreading epidemic of MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity).

We are among the most disabled – but the least supported. In fact there is virtually no support or recognition for us at all.

Check out MCS on the Internet for a host of information – and misinformation – about us.

Uh, is MCS anything like OCD? I hear comedian Howie Mandel has this thing about germs.

A lot of chemicals are floating around out there that shouldn’t be be floating around out there. It’s called pollution. Other clouds of smoke and gas sit in bathroom medicine cabinets. They’re called prescription medications. Some people (& the parents of 6 legged frogs, 2 headed turtles, etc.) are very sensitive about these matters.

The fact that psychiatric drugs disable brains didn’t come up.

10 Responses

  1. Brilliant. Well done. By writing it down you’ve assisted me, as Rand would recommend, to “concretize your abstractions”. That is, to develop a coherent argument in the form of a single symbol that I can store for ready access, one that I can add to my arsenal.

    But even at the level of a sophisticated water cooler it raises very good points.

    You and I know that people can become “mentally disabled” to the extent that they are literally in a wheelchair. They then even “look” to the indifferent public to be one of the “disabled”. It could be irreversible brain damage caused by years on the drugs. Or it could be that the person has had infarctions, strokes, diabetes, become generally physically unfit etc that may not, would almost certainly not have occurred had the person never been on the drugs, humiliated by the system, locked up, made friendless, subjected to ceaseless scrutiny etc.

    You and I know that your intelligent grandmother could solve all the worlds human problems. Sometimes the public can’t tell the difference between a natural disaster and a human disaster. They don’t know the difference between a tsunami and a bomb. And the psychtroopers take advantage of that ignorance. They suggest that the patient is a victim of a natural disaster, that the brain is diseased and that the disease is a consequence of the natural laws of physics. This is what your grandmother knows is not true.

    I’m not a theist but I love what I select from the readings of the gospels. And I think that with this I concur with Maslow. In this approximate order of immediate urgency, humans (since they do exist) need oxygen, water, other molecules with particular stored energies that we humans call protein fat and carbohydrate, shelter and security.

    Security is last but not least. Given that we have the preceding we as individuals exist and can speak. Because we have memory and the ability of expectation and hope, the symbol “security” exists. Even at a primitive level, an animal with memory does not want to re-experience the pain of hunger. The symbol (word “security”) is an abstraction but I’ve just “concretized” for the benefit of this comment.

    I’m starting to ramble a bit, but allow it.

    Bastards know what to take away from a person. They know how to threaten a person. They can only possess the “chutzpah” to do what they do because they are bastards. No decent person person could do what the psychtroopers do. I hope to be able to establish this as an unequivocal fact.

    I’ll leave it there because I’m a bit drunk.

    • “irreversible brain damage caused by years on the drugs” “infarctions, strokes, diabetes, become generally physically unfit etc” The problem here, in all instances, seems to boil down to one thing, drugs. The psychological aspects (as opposed to physiological) of mistreatment don’t tend to be so very detrimental. The psychological aspects perhaps better facilitate such mistreatment. Given the psychological aspects, in combination with a massive chemical disabling, we’ve got one of those unnatural human made disasters occurring right now you are talking about.

      You may be a little drunk, but there are good things to be said for unwinding, too.

  2. Batards are themselves a human disaster and a human disaster can be stopped.

  3. Correction.

    Bastards are themselves a human disaster and a human disaster can be stopped by those of us that are decent humans.

  4. IOW, bastardry is the ONLY initial cause of any human disaster. The psychtroopers have latched onto this and made it into a totally reprehensible “art form” that serves the ignorant public.

  5. AND… if you want to dig really deep into the sick minds of the psychtroopers consider this: (this comment isn’t meant to be serial, it’s meant as a little aside)

    I’ve used the word “disaster” a few times in this thread. You and I know that is desirable, pleasant and meaningful to understand the origin, if we can, of words.

    We know that that the word “disaster” didn’t become a word straight away. That for hundreds or tens of thousands of years, humans grappling with justifiable fears about the availability of food, shelter and security may have been persuaded that their fate was there to be understood if they could understand that their life was determined by patterns discernible by observing the apparent movement of stars. And that only certain gurus where able to explain the human meaning that could be gleaned from observations of the stars

    I’m on my 6th can of beer, but I think you know what I’m talking about. Humans progressed from star gazing as a remedy to fear and then to religion, stories that had a hero. I say that star gazing and religion are crap (but I don’t want to make any permanent enemies by saying that when there is more at stake. I’m an atheist but I love the gospels. ).

    Psychiatry takes over in the 20th and now the 21st century, but panders either way, to those who are superstitious and/or religious. If it it can be seen for what it is, and what it’s intention really is, it is is many ways even more ridiculous than astrology.

    • There is another word you may or may not have heard bandied about recently, and that word is ‘iatrogenic’. ‘Iatrogenic’ means physician caused, usually used combination with the word disease. Iatrogenic disease is in epidemic proportions in the mental health field. Simply put, psychiatrists would save a whole lot of lives by removing harmful practices from the field. Psychiatrists, as a group, are not likely to do anything about iatrogenic disease soon because ‘standard of care’ includes much that is harmful, and if they were to deviate from that ‘standard of care’ they open themselves up to civil litigation. I guess it becomes a statistical matter here, who does more damage, the patient or the doctor? I would suspect it’s the doctor, but all these physicians think they have their patients’ best interests at heart.

      • I worked as an RN for over 20 years in all medical and surgical areas and did a bit of casual psych.

        In real medicine, in the old days, people who could afford to were able to find a physician or surgeon that examined them as an individual and promised that firstly he would do no harm and secondly, any risky procedures would be mutually understood.

        Recent standardization of care may be best overall but ALWAYS have the risk at the outset that an individual patient will not be informed of risk. In other words even in real medicine it is likely that the patient will only be treated “as an individual” by chance, since methods of diagnosis and treatment are decided by committees in advance of the patient ever visiting the doctor.

        Psychiatry since it is seen as part of medicine has also ridden on this bandwagon. But psychiatry is a sham. It has enabled a double, nay triple whammy situation yet it goes unnoticed.

        But it’s even worse than that. I have a theory that you might not share. You might think that psychiatrists are mistaken or misguided. I say they are bastards. Some people like to joke and say that psychiatrists are all crazy. I don’t give them that much credit. I say they are bastards.

        I say that bastards gravitate and are streamed by their bastard mentors. It’s not a perfect machine that might sort differently sized and colored beads but the effect is the same in an institution.

        Just as I say that smash repairers will get more business when their is a wet spell I say that inept physicians and students are more likely to gravitate to and be streamed toward psychiatry.

        People who are attracted to medicine as a profession are often, not always, grandiose and narcissistic and if they are that’s not always a bad thing. But the worst of a slightly peculiar group go into psychiatry.

        Consider this. Physicians are often the sons and daughters of physicians, but very few psychiatrists are the sons and daughters of physicians. Also, psychiatrists are less likely to have children than physicians. If they have children they are likely not to seek out a medical profession at all. It may even be the case that the children of psychiatrists are more like to be delinquent than the general population. I’ve also noticed around these parts where nearly all psychiatry is standardized and coercive that many physicians have become psychiatrists via an interest in “HIV” medicine which is itself an extremely dubious science and results in a huge amount of iatrogenically caused (tautology: gen – caused) suffering.

        Possibly the biggest dilemma is contained in the last line of your last comment. Do “true believers” really “believe” or are they just bastards? Does a bastard ever believe that he is a bastard?

      • To call psychiatrists bastards is to insult fatherless children.

        Some of the comments you make above, if not right on target, are at least approaching the bulls eye. Others I think might miss the mark. There is way too much psychiatry in the world today. Should the profession shrink, mental illness would have more of a tendency to dwindle with it. ADHD, for instance, a history has been fabricated for the ‘disease’. Well, let me tell you, even if there was the example of a problem kid then, they certainly didn’t exist in the numbers we have today 60 or 70 years ago. We had a time when most people were relatively illiterate, and ‘higher education’ wasn’t seen as being as important as it is today. How do we deal with these different circumstances? We take problem students–slow learners and flunkies–and we label them ADHD ‘sufferers’. This may, or may not, provide enough of an edge, given disability services, for these would be losers to succeed eventually. You see the careers of these major actors of yesterday who dropped out of school, went into vaudeville, and it was all uphill from there. Now you see major actors and actresses graduating from Harvard and Yale. I think we are experiencing some kind of sea change here.

  6. Quick correction hopefully to remedy possible misunderstandings.

    Last paragraph, last post. “Panders either way…”

    I meant to say that it panders to those who are superstitious and religious AND those who are not.

    There you go, a post for every can.

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