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Anxiety and depressant treatment drugs tied to premature births

Reuters has released an article on a study of new births in Washington state that showed pregnant women on SSRI antidepressants and benzodiazepines are at a much greater risk for delivering prematurely. This study was published in the December ’09 issue of the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology.

Regarding the risk on SSRI antidepressants this study found the following:

Compared with their counterparts not on the medications, these women were nearly five times more likely to deliver prematurely.

Doctors and mental health professions playing up the idea of postpartum depression for the sake of mental health screening would play down these statistics that are, of course, distressing.

Any risks of using the medications during pregnancy need to be balanced against the risks of leaving depression and anxiety disorders untreated.

When this matter of delivering an unhealthy baby is weighed against having a depressed mom, maybe we should go with the depressed mom. The Andrea Yates case, even for moms in the dumps, was the exception rather than the rule.

I want to emphasize that most blue moms don’t kill their kids. Moms who kill their kids have crossed that line between illness and criminality, and sympathy for such moms must be tempered with an understanding of the seriousness of the offense.

If you’ve got a mom to be who’s just really nervous, I suggest you reassure her, and skip the pills.

The information on benzodiazepines was even more disturbing.

Among women who were not on any medication, 9 percent gave birth prematurely, versus nearly half of women on benzodiazepines.

The study also showed that more babies from mothers using either drugs had birth defects associated with premature delivery.

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    • Yep, the misnomer anti-anxiety drugs are no way to deal with anxiety. Experience lessens anxiety. The way to over come phobias, for instance, is not through drugs, the way to over come phobias is through facing down your fundamentally irrational fears. We’re not, you understand, talking about a fear of sky diving here. The night light might help keep the monster who lives under the bed at bay, but not like the realization that there is no monster who lives under the bed. Once you have realized that, wow, you can turn out the night light.

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