Marginalia for Marginals (Proverbs)

The problem is not a disease, and it’s solution is not a pill.

We’re referring to Z as A for convenience and convention’s sake, despite the fact that Z is not A, A is A.

Success is planned; failure, accidental.

2 Responses

  1. Was it my fleeting reference to Rand the other day that prompted that post?

  2. No, it had nothing to do with the reference to Rand.

    I had read in a mental health blog Labels are for jars not people. Then I find out its the slogan for some group for people with developmental difficulties. I was looking to coming up with an saying on a similar theme.

    The second sentence deals with the misunderstandings people have. Logic is a method for cutting through those misunderstandings to the truth. You have to grasp that people will say one thing, and mean something very different while other people are reluctant to pick up this disparity.

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