Language and our movement

C/S/X movement – I have problems sharing an acronym with a commercial railroad company. I can see the movement there, sure, but I don’t think that train would necessarily be bound for glory.

Consumer/survivor/expatient movement – uh–long pause–next entry.

Consumer/survivor movement – I cannot link these two disparate groups of people with a slash mark. When somebody tells me they’re a consumer advocate. I respond by saying I am not a consumer advocate. I wouldn’t advocate ‘consuming’ that which destroys me.

I can’t really stomach the use of the consumer/survivor designation. It’s a shortcut I don’t wish to take. I prefer to separate the two terms in any sentence I use having to deal with them. For me, it’s always mental health consumers and psychiatric survivors. There is a difference, and I like to acknowledge that difference.

There is some overlap, surely, but…not always!

Mental health consumer movement – on this, all I can say is, to each his or her own.

Psychiatric survivor movement – works for me.

Ex-patient movement – got no problem with it.

Anti-psychiatry movement – Wow! We have a word with a history here. David Cooper a psychiatrist coined the term, dealing with theories of those psychiatrists, himself included, associated with RD Laing, author of the Divided Self. RD Laing, a psychiatrist, didn’t like the term. I have heard psychiatric survivors argue against the use of the term due to the fact that a psychiatrist came up with it.

I’m fine with anti-psychiatry.

Critical psychiatry movement – some more recent psychiatrists, wishing perhaps to separate themselves from the taint of association with David Cooper, came up with this term.

I’m only so-so with critical psychiatry.

The self-help movement – somebodies part way there. Book after book on the book shore shelf. Boring books, too. You snooze you pick up some good dreams. In the hand and in the trashcan. Somebodies got a government job though. Makes good money, too. Look this way, and motivate this!

I’m not too keen on ‘self’-help.

The Mad Pride or Mad movement – yes, read Plato on divine madness sometimes, and you can see the logic, or perhaps illogic, behind the use of this term. Show some backbone and gumption then. Come out of the treatment closet, and live! Let your madness rage and flare.

You go, Mad Pride girl or boy! All the way to the top!

On the use of the clunky ‘people labeled mentally ill’. What’s that? I see a person, but no label unless there’s one hanging from his or her clothing. Call ‘em schizowhazzoever, multi-polar, less than lovely personality disordered, and yer using fightin’ words, bub. We need to step outside.

Anyway we would need to step outside if I wasn’t so into nonviolence.

People works.