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Language and our movement

C/S/X movement – I have problems sharing an acronym with a commercial railroad company. I can see the movement there, sure, but I don’t think that train would necessarily be bound for glory.

Consumer/survivor/expatient movement – uh–long pause–next entry.

Consumer/survivor movement – I cannot link these two disparate groups of people with a slash mark. When somebody tells me they’re a consumer advocate. I respond by saying I am not a consumer advocate. I wouldn’t advocate ‘consuming’ that which destroys me.

I can’t really stomach the use of the consumer/survivor designation. It’s a shortcut I don’t wish to take. I prefer to separate the two terms in any sentence I use having to deal with them. For me, it’s always mental health consumers and psychiatric survivors. There is a difference, and I like to acknowledge that difference.

There is some overlap, surely, but…not always!

Mental health consumer movement – on this, all I can say is, to each his or her own.

Psychiatric survivor movement – works for me.

Ex-patient movement – got no problem with it.

Anti-psychiatry movement – Wow! We have a word with a history here. David Cooper a psychiatrist coined the term, dealing with theories of those psychiatrists, himself included, associated with RD Laing, author of the Divided Self. RD Laing, a psychiatrist, didn’t like the term. I have heard psychiatric survivors argue against the use of the term due to the fact that a psychiatrist came up with it.

I’m fine with anti-psychiatry.

Critical psychiatry movement – some more recent psychiatrists, wishing perhaps to separate themselves from the taint of association with David Cooper, came up with this term.

I’m only so-so with critical psychiatry.

The self-help movement – somebodies part way there. Book after book on the book shore shelf. Boring books, too. You snooze you pick up some good dreams. In the hand and in the trashcan. Somebodies got a government job though. Makes good money, too. Look this way, and motivate this!

I’m not too keen on ‘self’-help.

The Mad Pride or Mad movement – yes, read Plato on divine madness sometimes, and you can see the logic, or perhaps illogic, behind the use of this term. Show some backbone and gumption then. Come out of the treatment closet, and live! Let your madness rage and flare.

You go, Mad Pride girl or boy! All the way to the top!

On the use of the clunky ‘people labeled mentally ill’. What’s that? I see a person, but no label unless there’s one hanging from his or her clothing. Call ‘em schizowhazzoever, multi-polar, less than lovely personality disordered, and yer using fightin’ words, bub. We need to step outside.

Anyway we would need to step outside if I wasn’t so into nonviolence.

People works.

8 Responses

  1. I believe the term psychiatric survivor is misleading and confusing… I’ve seen it numerous times confused by outsiders who read and interpret the term as ‘being related to psychiatric illness and surviving it’… like an adjective form not the noun form that I think it should be.

    Psychiatry survivor… is more direct and to the point, it explains what was survived, and doesn’t leave it open to as much interpretation. Coercive psychiatry survivor even more exact and more appropriate in many cases.

    People labeled mentally ill… is clunky I agree… but simply replacing it with people, while high minded, is not explanatory and offers no context.

    Mad Pride I have a problem with as a term. I’ve seen it linked many times to something like Gay Pride…

    Now, homosexuality is viewed largely as an immutable characteristic, and a fixed identity or trait, and to be proud of being gay I suppose, is a standpoint for political activism and rights advocacy….

    But to claim you have some immutable characteristic called being ‘mad’, and to use this as a platform for demanding your right to be extended human rights, and to assert you’re proud to ‘be’ something like ‘mad’… is to me destined to fail as a tactic.

    It might win some media attention in the short run, and it might sound all nice and liberating in terms of identity politics, but in the end, you’re just doing psychiatry’s dirty work for them and slurring yourself.

    It might have worked for gays and blacks, reclaiming the word queer or gay or dare I say it the N word in gansta rap and reclaiming and turning slurs back around on your accuser and embracing them not as a mark of shame but of pride, taking back control… but it won’t work for people with psychiatric labels.

    The reasons are many, but among them, those other oppressed groups or once more oppressed and now less oppressed groups if you will, are not living in a 2010 mainstream culture and media environment where fear and terror are drummed up against them overtly 24/7 in the media and hollywood and it’s very unfashionable, it’ll make you a pariah, to espouse racist or homophobic views….

    So for every blackface or hateful comedy bit at the expense of blacks or gays, for every Don Imus off handed off color remark, there is INSTANT, systemic condemnation across the board, and people are quickly whipped back into shape for stepping out of step with the common decency and so forth…..

    For an oppressed minority to reclaim a word, that is, it quite helps that nobody else in decent company or publicly is even allowed to utter it.

    Compare and contrast that with any of the dozens of bookmarked links I could copy and paste from the New York Daily News where reporters feel free to ooze the hate and calls for broad coercion of all of us, when someone with a psychiatric label commits violence against the society that has doubtless committed great violence and violation against them…. the words start to fly, from the reporter you’ll have ‘psychotic madman stabs….’…. and from the public reader comments you’ll have calls for eugenics, outright hate, and all this approved by a comment moderator….

    Do I want to come and claim I’m ‘proud’, somehow brimming with pride and overflowing with tears of wistful joy and holding my so high my neck almost breaks that I live in a society that hates people with psychiatric labels?

    Do I want to hitch my wagon to the gay pride movement and have a big march through the city streets wearing a straight jacket with a hypodermic needle sticking out of my butt cheek?

    Do I want to lead the public falsely to believe that I have an immutable characteristic or trait called ‘madness’, with centuries of fear mongering and hate attached to it, and hollywood horror movie punchline asylum inmate garbage, do I want to assimilate a narrative into my identity that has been largely controlled and crafted by some of history’s greatest genocidal iatrogenic criminals?

    I wretch whenever I hear the phrase ‘mad pride’. I’m not ‘proud’ that I have to share the planet with a disgusting, hateful, dehumanizing ideology called psychiatry and I’m not proud that my neighbors go to a ballot box to give such quackery coercive powers, I’m not proud that people in this society are rewarded with big houses and BMWs and respect for destroying innocent peoples’ lives, I’m not proud that if I died tomorrow people would second guess my death and always harbor secret doubts that it wasn’t a suicide… for that matter I’m not proud that I have to live in a world that second guesses every word out of the mouth of someone who has been branded ‘mad’, I’m not proud at all.

    I’m not proud of a single thing related to any distressed state I was ever in, nor my misguided society’s reaction to that state, nor am I proud of being accused without any objective evidence of being brain diseased, nor am I proud of anyone who perpetuates the atrocious myth that anyone labeled mad has a permanent brain disease or immutable characteristic or trait that is at all roughly analogous to any other identity politics group that has elected to form a ‘pride’ movement.

    I’m proud that I prevailed and saw the truth. I’m proud the truth is on our side. I’m proud of all the wonderful people in the movement who inch it forward every day. I’m proud of the guy who writes this blog even though I don’t know him, I’m proud of anyone who sees the truth, trusts their own truth, and prevails in the face of enormous lies and meddling in their lives.

    I take pride in being a survivor.

    I don’t take pride in being ‘mad’, because doing so, would put simply, involve me legitimizing their labels. Additionally as I’ve stated, it looks to the layperson as though you’re playing an immutable characteristic identity.

    As for the so called CSX movement… I agree, it’s completely at odds with me as well personally to lump myself in with somebody in the ‘C’ movement, who is pro force, and a complete believer in psych ideology.

    The word ‘mentalism’ is also a problem for me, I replace it with labelism.

    Another utterly pathetic word is ‘neurodiversity’…. which some have latched onto, again, it speaks to immutable traits, and proceeds from an erroneous standpoint, where people are assumed to be brain diseased without any biological test of course. Or if not diseased, ‘wired differently’, which of course is just absolute unevidenced garbage and a cardinal hallmark of our time’s corrosive pop neuroscience infestation.

    I’m fine with the term critical psychiatry. I like it actually. Antipsychiatry does have a history to it, but the lay public in 2010 simply take it literally.

    The focus needs to be on the absolute FACT that psychiatry is but one model of human distress, a model not endowed with any great insight or any at all biological tests, and as such it is a crime against humanity that it, above all other models has been granted coercive powers, and it is a crime that any model at all would have coercive powers.

    If I’m a die hard midwifery fan, and the state forced obstetrics on me, and my baby is injured by the surgery, I’m antiobstetrics, and my baby is a coercive obstetrics survivor.

    There are many models, choosing a model for me, and drilling into the public mind that any problem is a ‘psychiatric problem’ is the Orwellian nightmare we find ourselves in.

    The following is a random quote you’ll find in any crime story where the criminal was also one of the labeled…

    ‘The accused has been taken into psychiatric care’.

    Two things need dismantling here…. the very fact that a particular model is state mandated, and the use of the word ‘care’.

    Because as we have learned with our own spilled blood and organ damage and destroyed years and raped minds and brains….

    A society who mandates psychiatry, is doing everything but the ‘caring’ thing.

    I have recommended this blog to many people, it is going places.

    • Psychiatric survivor I use because other people, some of whom may have been those whose usage you encountered, use the expression. I’m sure this is one more instance of reappropriating the oppressors language to use against oppression and the oppressor. It was once a ‘mental patient’s’ movement, after all, and I believe we have linguistically made progress since then. I don’t have much of a problem with your use of ‘psychiatry survivor’. People who are sympathetic with one school or the other of psychiatry might feel differently about this matter though. I think a more apt expression to use might be psychiatric treatment survivor, but as we actually mean mistreatment, that can create some further insurmountable communications problems. I suggest we just cut our losses, and go with what suits our personalities best.

      A lot of coercive psychiatric treatment these days is technically ‘voluntary’. This being the case coercive psychiatric treatment survivor doesn’t work for me. Also, although the acronym CPTS isn’t too bad, 4 words as opposed to 2 makes any discussion regarding such survivors even more awkward.

      “I don’t take pride in being ‘mad’, because doing so, would put simply, involve me legitimizing their labels. Additionally as I’ve stated, it looks to the layperson as though you’re playing an immutable characteristic identity.”

      Here I heartily disagree. Mad is not, first off, ‘mental illness’, and so one has just leaped outside of the biomedical model of mental health treatment when one uses it. Do an internet search sometime. Mad is football and hockey players. Mad doesn’t really have a negative connotation any more, not like ‘mental illness’ does. “Illness” is all negative connotation. People want me to sympathize with the fact that they can’t get “mentally well”. All I can say is, recover or don’t recover your wits, you can still be mad!

      Mad Pride is only linked to Gay Pride through origin and in spirit. A visit to a Gay Pride parade inspired people to start a Mad Pride movement. I don’t have a problem with that. Although I’m not gay, I’m also not a homophobe. I don’t have a problem with supporting gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people in their struggles for liberation, empowerment and equality.

      Skin color is not a pathology, nor, now that it has been removed from the DSM, is gayness, nor is madness. And if I were mad about this or that, but not mad, all the more reason for Mad Pride.

      Regarding “mentalism”, “labelism”, and similar concerns, yes, we need to look at these things in a different fashion. Although I don’t have the time, nor the inclination to go there now, maybe later.

      As for Critical Psychiatry, I feel like some people want to look softer, more moderate, more mainstream, than those associated with Antipsychiatry, even if they were once associated with Antipsychiatry. It’s sort of the ‘we’re not really medical model, but we want to dance with those who are medical model’ approach. Whatever. Suit yourself. I say to those people, “Bugger off”. I will be as Antipsychiatry as I want to be, thank you.

      We live in a world where sharing language is very important in communicating. I’m using the language other people use, and I’m taking part in the struggles they are a part of also. This is primarily why it isn’t ‘psychiatry survivor’ for me. Psychiatry is still out there, and I pray we all survive it.

      I agree with you on the caring thing.

      Thanks for the recommendations. I really do appreciate it when people say good things about what I’m doing.

  2. “Mad doesn’t really have a negative connotation any more”

    It depends on the context and usage of course, but with ‘mental health’, it’s still all too often used in the context of ‘violent madman has gunned down’, ‘psychotic madman has stabbed…’, it’s pretty negative to me, that’s why I don’t like it.

    And I never said I had a problem with being linked to any black pride or gay pride movement on the basis of them being gay or black. Is there a particular reason you felt the need to state you are not a homophobe? I never used that word, are you calling me that? I hope not. I merely addressed a concern that by linking ourselves to any ‘pride group’ that operates on foundations of ‘born that way’ traits, by doing so we are mindlessly walking into a world where we ourselves are portraying ourselves as having an immutable characteristic by lumping ourselves together with others who take pride in some immutable characteristic, whatever that trait is. Those other characteristics are called ‘born that way’ characteristics…. do we want to insinuate those in the mad pride movement were born mad? and all that would come with that?

    I’d never use the word ‘treatment survivor’ because treatment is a pseudomedical word in the context of this quackery and just bolsters psychiatry’s legitimacy in the mind of the reader.

    That’s also why I never use the word ‘medication’, because it’s a ‘lie word’. The only thing ‘medical’ about these drugs or the act of drugging, as the medical cloak of legitimacy it is allowed to wrapped in.

    Have you noticed the mental triggers a reader gets when he reads the word ‘medication’ versus the word ‘drugging’. One is a truthful word. One acknowledges a healthy, in the context of never being proven objectively diseased, a healthy body and organ has been drugged….

    Whereas when we use ‘medication’, it has an inescapable ring of legitimacy. A legitimacy undeserved and that’s why I’ll never use the word ‘medication’ to refer to the administration of a psychiatric drug.

    And I’ve seen many examples of the ‘psychiatric survivor’ being misunderstood by the public. Many, many, many people literally read it as if it has nothing at all to do with surviving violent oppression, and as if it has everything to do with surviving what the ‘brain disease of mentall illness’ threw at a person. I’ve seen it in the NPR article on Chamberlain’s death, I’ve seen it recently in the UTNE Reader article on David Oaks, it’s everywhere…. it’s a confusing term, and there’s ample evidence the uninitiated get the wrong images in their head when they first encounter it.

    I do not believe that ‘mad’ or anything it is synonymous with is an immutable characteristic or trait.

    I see you mention actually twice there, you use the language others use, as though that is the reason you choose the words you do. While I respect your right to use whatever language you like, I feel in many instances the language in the movement that has developed is misleading and not direct enough, I’m not going to perpetuate its existence at this critical juncture.

    You and I both have the power to shape the use of language as newcomers become initiated into the alternative mental health/human distress scene and survivors of psychiatry scene.

    Just like the NPR article on Chamberlain’s passing noted, it’s the ‘civil rights movement you’ve probably never heard of’. This means it is early days, and there is certainly time and scope to refine and carefully craft the language.

    I just fail to see how a movement which claims to be about getting the monkey of the state off our back, which claims to be about fighting for human rights for the humans with DSM labels, which claims to want the media to stop perpetuating the violence myth and every other myth….

    I just don’t see how such a movement benefits from glorifying anything and everything labeled ‘mad’, and saying look at me, I’m ‘different’, ‘quirky’, ‘strange’, ‘madcap’, I just think it’s a distraction, a caricature breeding self perpetuation of the myths that we are other.

    • ‘Mentally ill’ killer is big in the newspapers these days while psychotic madman killer tends to be more ‘off the record’. Although perhaps this isn’t always true. Of course, people in treatment are more often the victims of violent crime than the perpetuators of such crime. If you do an internet search with the key words “mentally ill”, you’re going to come up with a lot of killers, but if you use the key words “mentally disabled”, you’re likely to come up with a lot of victims. The problem here is that a person without a psychiatric history is more likely to commit a violent crime in the first place, and so why are people with such a history being picked on? Violence is a big risk of living in a free society. People should be tackling gun control in a way that doesn’t target and disarm people who have been in the mental health system. They are, predominately, innocent.

      I’m not going to object to celebrations, and I’m not going to object to pride. It’s okay to hide sulking in a corner, and brood, but it’s not the only way to be. He or she who wants to come out of the ‘treatment’ closet may do so. He or she who doesn’t want to come out of the ‘treatment’ closet, doesn’t have to do so. I wasn’t trying to insinuate that you were necessarily a homophobe, or prejudiced against people of color, or down on people at the receiving end of the mental health system. People who are ‘born that way’, as you put it, don’t cease to be people for having been born that way. Skin deep is not to the bone. Whether sexual preference is a decision, or a compulsion is not for me to say. I’m a little worried though that you might have problem with people who wear their madness on their sleeve.

      Psychiatric treatment tends predominately to be mistreatment. Psychiatric drugs are bad medicine as the natives would have once put it. They are basically lacking in medicinal value. I would go as far as to say they are poison. I can say that until I’m blue in the face, and it’s not going to stop some people from whining, “but it helps me to manage my illness’, or worse, ‘my medications saved my life”. More lives would be saved if psychiatrists didn’t prescribe psychiatric drugs the way they do, I can and do say that.

      The public learns every time somebody like Judi Chamberlin or David Oaks or Madigan Shive or Lauren Tenney or Will Hall speaks. Its not so much the early days of the movement, its been around since the end of the sixties and the dawn of the seventies, on a more fundamental level its always been around, that’s why some people are so eager to make some kind of archives of its recorded history. It is not so much my language, when it comes to the survivor movement, it is our language. There are personal histories, and then there’s the movement history. I’m going to use the language of the movement.

      “Are you mad?”, someone might ask. Yes, I am mad. I see mad as a way to put a word cast at me in a pejorative sense to positive use. I see mad as a way to turn the word over on its head. Mad is good. Mad isn’t bad. There is a method to my madness, and a madness to my method. I see “mental illness” as people see it in general, as not preferable then to ‘mental health”, when I don’t see the whole business as fraud. I see normality screening as a way to point out the absurdity of mental health screening and, by extension, of the whole mental health system, but especially the more coercive aspects of it.

      You want to know what I speaking about? Well, then I will refer to the histories of some of those movements I was speaking about. It was the words, it wasn’t the movements, I was knocking. Let me make that clear. I think wikipedia can serve as a good tool to educate people, and so let’s use wikipedia.

      Psychiatric survivor movement
      Consumer/Survivor/Ex-Patient Movement
      Mad Pride

      I can always say foolish things, and sometimes there is a virtue and a wisdom in the foolish things said, and sometimes there is no such virtue nor wisdom. Likewise, there is folly to be found in any sage’s utterances. Use your discretion, and you be the judge regarding which be which.

  3. I question wikipedia’s usefulness on any controversial issue, as it is fundamentally run by a cabal of basement dwelling autocrats, just read any of the biological psychiatry articles, try making an edit to one of them, try adding pharma funding to a psychiatrist’s article, you’ll be wasting your time. Wikipedia is good for looking up any issue that isn’t controversial, or any fact, such as the span of the top ten largest bridges, or global GDP charts.

    I’m fully aware of the early movement of the 60s and 70s. I’m a very informed person on all aspects of this issue. Have I given you the impression I’m not?

    I said the movement is in it’s early days, I stand by that claim. Psychiatry has a head start of centuries and the unquestioning ear of governments worldwide. It will take more than our lifetimes to mainstream alternative mental health. The vast, vast, vast majority of psychiatry’s victims are never even exposed to the alternative viewpoints.

    And the statement ‘wearing one’s madness on their sleeves’ would depend on me lending legitimacy to the label ‘mad’, which I don’t.

    My position is, and it’s not a personal attack on anyone who elects to label themselves, as psychiatry also would, ‘mad’, and have a pride march… I’m merely pointing out that if you’re going to sell yourself to the general public as the other, as fundamentally abnormal, and embrace any label that encompasses your mind, the nature of it, the unpredictability of it, the bizarreness of it or of your behavior, which I believe are the things conjured up when you label yourself ‘mad’, my position is that people who go out of their way to claim they are so different in nature and makeup, to the rest of the population, are asking to be viewed with suspicion and I don’t think it helps equality to rest on any central assumption or assertion that you have a trait, which is absolutely tied in the public mind to your behavior and thoughts and very agency as a person.

    I don’t believe anyone is ‘mad’, I believe it’s an idea fundamentally soaked in psychiatry’s ideas, and its consequences are so far reaching it is beyond reclamation.

    For the people of color and gays, reclaiming words used against them, never, ever, stretched into any idea that the trait they were proud of, called into question their agency and sentience as rational decision making human beings. In our sphere, we have to deal with that, in these other spheres that have spawned pride movements, that’s not on the table.

    I won’t stand in the way of anyone’s right to identify and be part of whatever pride movement they choose to be in. But me personally, I believe it is a long term bad strategic decision to give oxygen to a single word that originates out of psychiatry, except when mentioning it to highlight its illogical and fraudulent inherent lie.

    • I’ve read some of wikipedia’s biological psychiatry articles, and I see that the editorial control can’t be that tight. There is usually a section on the critics and their view. The critical voice then isn’t silenced. I don’t want to be too harsh on any vehical for relaying information, and so I’m not going to snuff the voice of the people in so far as it is such. However limited a vision you see wikipedia as having, its is miles and miles beyond the much more limiting control network television imposes.

      I have dealt with a lot of people who were uninformed. I expect ignorance to some extent. A lot of people who are up on the issues aren’t as up on them as they think they are. Nuff said.

      You can say that the movement is in its early days. I wouldn’t say that kind of thing at all. There was a lot of activity in the nineteenth century. That’s over a hundred years ago. As long as there is a voice, there is a movement. Bedlam goes back an even longer ways. So does the voice of those people who inhabited Bedlam. Alternative viewpoint sort of depends upon your viewpoint, doesn’t it? Utopian visions, and visions of compassionate care, go back a long ways, too. I know safe and caring treatment isn’t the rule, nor has it been so. Nonetheless I think suicide is killing yourself, its not working to make a safe and humane form of treatment (as opposed to mistreatment) available people in distress. I wouldn’t advance suicide, nor would I advance the killing (harming, damaging) of others.

      As for the legitimacy of the label mad, the dictionary gives many definitions to the word mad…

      1. Angry; resentful. See Synonyms at angry.
      2. Suffering from a disorder of the mind; insane.
      3. Temporarily or apparently deranged by violent sensations, emotions, or ideas: mad with jealousy.
      4. Lacking restraint or reason; foolish: I was mad to have hired her in the first place.
      5. Feeling or showing strong liking or enthusiasm: mad about sports.
      6. Marked by extreme excitement, confusion, or agitation; frantic: a mad scramble for the bus.
      7. Boisterously gay; hilarious: had a mad time.
      8. Affected by rabies; rabid.
      tr. & intr.v. mad·ded, mad·ding, mads
      To make or become mad; madden.
      like mad Informal
      1. Wildly; impetuously: drove like mad.
      2. To an intense degree or great extent: worked like mad; snowing like mad.
      mad as a hatter
      Crazy; deranged.

      Its always going to depend upon which definition is used, and who uses that definition, and for what.

      “My position is, and it’s not a personal attack on anyone who elects to label themselves, as psychiatry also would, ‘mad’”…

      Psychiatry doesn’t label people “mad”. Psychiatry would claim certain behaviors symptomatic of disease. Psychiatry claims to diagnose these symptoms of those diseases, and psychiatry claims to treat those illnesses it has invented by dispensing pills. Psychiatry would claim this treatment, no cure, but the management of symptoms.

      My position is that people get locked up for not conforming, for being different, for being eccentric, for disagreeing with others. I don’t think there is anything wrong with not conforming, with being different, with eccentricity, or as HD Thoreau put it, with stepping to the beat of a different drummer. People panic and get over whelmed, too, but that’s not the whole story. Sometimes they get put away because someone is saying “you don’t have the same rights as I do”. You are somehow lower, and less than a complete human being. I say it’s alright to see things differently from the way that other person sees them. This is what mad pride is all about. Its about a voice that otherwise would be suppressed. Humility would shrink to a corner and cower whereas mad pride is not about withdrawing and hiding.

      If you’re turning to psychiatry, let me turn to philosophy. Pardon me, but I’m going to resort to wikipedia again. The subject here is divine madness

      Socrates begins by discussing madness. If madness is all bad, then the preceding speeches would have been correct, but in actuality, madness given as a gift of the gods provides us with some of the best things we have.There are, in fact, four kinds of divine madness:

      1.From Apollo, the gift of prophecy;
      2.From Dionysus, the mystic rites and relief from present hardship;
      3.From the Muses, poetry;
      4. From Aphrodite, love.

      As they must show that the madness of love is, indeed, sent by a god to benefit the lover and beloved in order to disprove the preceding speeches, Socrates embarks on a proof of the divine origin of this fourth sort of madness. It is a proof, he says, that will convince “the wise if not the clever”.

      Mad is obviously not of recent origin.

      “For the people of color and gays, reclaiming words used against them, never, ever, stretched into any idea that the trait they were proud of, called into question their agency and sentience as rational decision making human beings. In our sphere, we have to deal with that, in these other spheres that have spawned pride movements, that’s not on the table. ”

      Whoa! I think all sorts of things have been called into question there. Why else Black Power and Black Pride? Nigger, fag, whore-bitch, sicko. They have to change the language, too. Once upon a time you had only a fraction of a complete human being. This person wasn’t allowed to vote, nor to go to school. This person was expected to be a beast of burden. You don’t think something similar isn’t going on where people who are thought to be ‘sick’ are concerned? I certainly think prejudice and discrimination are involved in the way mad folk get mistreated. Fact is, I’m downright mad about it.

  4. “Lighten up”, says the sun.

    My answer is movement, the advance arm reaching forward, our movement. It is my answer, mind you, and it need not be everybodies’. It need not be your’s. Stuck in the mud is some peoples’ solution. Movement is a door out of all fruitless arguments, circular reasoning, and endless speculation. Movement severs the Gordian knot, and ends any impasse with impunity. Given a movement all such arguments remain behind in their ivory towers. Who needs to be chasing his or her own tail forever? I certainly don’t. Movement makes the news. Movement is numbers. Movement is people. Movement is power. Movement is promise. Movement is possibility. Movement is a way to get from point A to point B. Movement says, “We make it happen.” With a movement, we can change the world. With a movement, we can march against the psychiatric state all the way to hallelujah.

  5. […] Oppression, Protest, Recovery, antipsychiatry, psychiatric survivor, self help) Pardon me for my overindulgent nitpicking of the other day. I get like that sometimes. I’ve been suffering pangs of mad humility ever since. […]

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