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Mental Disorder Associated With Smoking

Somebody has to do a study on the ridiculous research techniques and wasteful spending habits of academia. Now we get this piece of soon to be trivia from the odd files of dubious science.

Comorbidity of psychiatric and substance use disorders represents a significant complication in the clinical course of both disorders. Bipolar Disorder (BD) is a psychiatric disorder characterized by severe mood swings, ranging from mania to depression, and up to a 70% rate of comorbid Tobacco Use Disorder (TUD).

Yep, you heard right, ‘Tobacco Use Disorder’.

Just think of what an evil doer Sir Walter Raleigh must have been for having delivered tobacco smoking from the native populations of the New World to what was then regarded as civilized society. Little did he know he was actually spreading disease far and wide.

America’s one cash crop way back when and now linked to, uh, mental disease.

Connect the gene for this disorder with the gene for ‘bipolar disorder’, a disorder whose rate has climbed 40 fold in recent times due to the manipulation of a certain Harvard psychiatrist, Dr. Joseph Biederman, recently under investigation by Senator Grassley and his Senate committee for taking unreported kickbacks from drug companies, and you have a case of high farcical tragic-comedy.

Results: We estimate risk for TUD among BD patients at 2.4 times that of the general population.

I know…cancer. Everybody else is quitting, but those whose nerves demand some kind of extra stimulation.

They’ve even identified 3 genes they are associating with the highs and lows of ‘bipolar disorder’ and, cough (excuse me, no smokers hack, just the mock reflex), ‘Tobacco Use Disorder’.

We found three candidate genes associated with both BD and TUD (COMT, SLC6A3, and SLC6A4) and commonality analysis suggests that these genes interact in predisposing psychiatric and substance use disorders. We identified a 69 gene network that influences neurotransmitter signaling and shows significant over-representation of genes associated with BD and TUD, as well as genes differentially expressed with exposure to tobacco smoke.

I would suggest somebody needs to take a serious look at the genes of the hare-brained researchers who conduct research based on such wild and bizarre hypotheses. Alas, but I also suspect self-control is rabidly being drained from the gene pool.

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  1. Here in Victoria, Australia we have a “Biederman” in the form of Patrick McGorry. This piece of garbage has just been made Australian of the Year.

    He has apparently gotten something like $100 M funding from our government over the past 15 years or so to run a company called Orygen, of which he is the chief executive.

    His “speciality” is to diagnose “prodromal” symptoms of schizophrenia in adolescents. Kids who spend too much time in their bedroom, keep marijuana in their sock drawer, dress funny, that kind of thing.

    I spend a lot time at this computer or else in the company of people who are also ashamed to be Australian.

    Rod Jackson ( psychiatry Junction Clinic )

    • I’ve heard term “prodromal” used in this country, too. Sort of pre-schizophrenia in some people’s book. Its also one of those books I wouldn’t read.

      There must be a Joseph Biederman or a Patrick McGorry in every developed country of the world I would imagine. Corporations neither have, nor respect, national borders.

      Biederman has come under the scrutiny of a senate investigation. McGorry’s time could come as well.

      I’m grateful there are people like you in Australia to keep people informed, and to keep a vigilant eye on such as McGorry and his ilk. Maybe in time he can be brought to justice.

      • Your welcome. I soon want to go a little bit more public in Victoria but as I become involved with other people I’m thwarted by my unwillingness to risk their fragile situation.

        There’s virtually zero dissent here except “CCHR” and I certainly don’t want them as allies or even be seen to have them as allies. I spend too much time as it is attempting to reassure people that I have less than zero interest in Scientology except as a perversion.

        I’m working on strategic methods whereby I can go public, field flak and fire it back at them, metaphorically speaking of course, lest I be locked up as a terrorist

  2. I would love to get in touch with you Rod. I wish you left some contact details on here…. If you can read this, please send me an email at canny.bill@yahoo.com

    Note to blog owner and also Rod if he reads this, this is a temporary email account I’ve set up especially to get in touch with Rod from Australia. I have provided a real, regularly used email address to the blog owner in the form provided for comment names (required) and email address (required), but I do not want it disclosed publicly due to spam.

    I am happy for Rod to contact me on this temporary canny.bill@yahoo.com email address, and then I can shift the conversion over to my actual regularly used email address. I’ll check this temporary one for a couple of days on and off.

    Rod, I am very interested in your thoughts on the situation there in Australia.

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