New Mental Disorder Naming Tool Invented

Want a psychiatric disorder? Now you can have one!

Thanks to Mike Adams, editor of the website, its inventor, we now have The Disease Mongering Engine. There is a great need for an engine of this sort. You, or someone you know, may have it, right, and now you need to know what it is. A web page exists where you can find that information. What with the present revising process of the DSM going on, I envision a great future for this Disease Mongering Engine. Why, after all, should the committee making revisions to what is often referred to as the Bible of psychiatry have all the fun? Those demented bozos desparately need help! Do your part to help them. Just click the hyperlink below and you, too, can have the mental disorder label to lay on a client, or yourself, right at your fingertips.

The Disease Mongering Engine


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