Demanding Justice For Kofi

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  1. I did just a few minutes of googling on this. I think he’s a political refugee, a student and a professor of geography at UF. (or is it FU?)

    Students have rated him as a nice guy running a relaxed and easy class, although he doesn’t get a rating for “hotness”.

    An article on suggests to me that at some time he may have written some concerns that conflict or rumours of conflict could have him deported back to Ghana(?) where he could be killed. He may well have just been stating the obvious but it’s been inflated to suggest that he is psychotic (and hence dangerous).

    Once this kind of vicious rumour mongering starts it often leads to harassing the victim and ends with the blue gun thugs doing what they do best.

    • You might want to do a little more googling of the matter. What the police did was reprehensible. I won’t describe the damage done to poor Kofi, but let me tell you, it is no small matter. You can probably find it in the articles written on the subject. He was almost killed, and he is facing criminal charges. When you have police with a shoot first, think later mentality I guess that kind of thing happens. They invaded the sanctity of his residence. Had one of them been trained in deescalating scarey situations, I feel certain the outcome would have been different. We’re calling it police brutality because that’s what it was.

  2. I’ve done a bit more googling and read that he might not be a refugee but simply on a student visa… and that he has a family back in Ghana. He might not have any persecution paranoia at all but people who are envious for any reason or just taking the piss might suggest that he has. If he has been hoping to enjoy his studies and opportunities for himself and his family whilst he’s in Florida AND he’s a bit culturally naive or otherwise vulnerable he can easily become a target and a victim of mobbing. It is very often a persons good nature that brings this situation about. Defenseless and frightened their reactions are cherry picked and deliberately misinterpreted to provide more ammunition for the mob. The situation escalates, and I’m talking about long before the pigs arrive.

    The pigs in Victoria are at this moment sweeping a similar situation under the rug and using all the same excuses.

    Very briefly (and innaccurately) there was a kid about 20 who was studying arts and philosophy and stuff and smoking a bit of dope. He all of a sudden had the strange idea that war and conflict was largely unnecessary and had irresistible urges to tell people what he’d discovered. When he found that people didn’t share his enthusiasm to right the wrongs in the world he thought that there must be some kind of evil spell that blinds people to the obvious. I know exactly what he'(wa)s talking about and I might have been able to cure him by telling him it was just an unfortunate aspect of human nature. But (even before the thugs with guns arrived) it escalated with visits to shrinks and stuff.

    I think he was “voluntary” and walked out of a psych ward then drove off in his dads car to another nearby small town. An alert had been put out for him and he was spotted by cops while he was on foot in a shopping street. He ran through a diner and grabbed a bread knife on the way through the kitchen and continued into the back lane. The knife was one of those lightweight, flexible, round ended bread knives. You can’t stab anything with it and it would take some time to even saw through cloth.

    I think within about 15 seconds of grabbing the “knife” (an implement used to divide loaves into portions) he was shot dead in the laneway. Had there not been a witness we would not have known that he was a skinny little kid who looked like he was exhausted from running and was just about to sit down. And that he was shot from a distance of maybe 4 or 5 metres. The witness says that there was no reasonable attempt at a warning or request just a bark and then a gunshot.

    People can crap on about “mental health education” for pigs and “budget constraints” all they like. Long before they are given “mental health education” cops are taught “Someone else’s death before you dishonour”. Psychopathic cops, and there are many, take this to mean that that they have permission to shoot rather than suffer any personal discomfort or inconvenience. “People think too much. Thinking makes me feel bad. I’m a good boy. Bang”.

    I think I read some where that the coppers said he had a piece of metal pipe (his walking stick) AND a knife. But of course for “legal” reasons and to protect Kofi’s “privacy” we will never know what happened. Hopefully Kofi will pull through and be able to tell some of it. That’ of course if they don’t rip in with the tranks.

    • Campus police have been armed to the teeth since the Virginia Tech tragedy of 2007 in which Seung Hui-Cho killed 32 people before turning his gun on himself.
      Mistakes were bound to happen, and that’s what occurred at the University of Florida. Kofi Adu-Brempong is no Seung Hui-Cho. This is the kind of distinction campus police haven’t learned to make. If the University Police are made accountable for this incident, the way they should be, it will be all the better for everyone. If the officer who fired his gun on Kofi, and perhaps some of his co-workers, are thrown off the force, justice will be that much closer to having been served in this case. Kofi should not have been shot.

      A darker side of the picture is considering whether there would have been any way to have kept a Seung Hui-Cho from feeling boxed into that corner of resentment he eventually shot his way out of. Bad boy, yes, but to say so is merely to beg more serious questions. Bullying takes place, and Seung’s reaction is but one of many responses to such bullying. He certainly had a lot hatred to take out his aggression so brutally on so many people. The notion of taking the kind of act he took must have been simmering in him for a long while. He made a decision, and he acted on it. I don’t think there is any way on earth, if the authorities had managed to have grabbed a living suspect for the crime, he could have gotten off on an ‘insanity’ defence. That’s irony for you when it comes to sloughing responsibility for such crimes off onto the shoulders of the ‘mentally ill’, and ‘mental illness’. There’s no mystery regarding who the scapegoats might be in this matter.

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