Bill To Curtail Doping Of Florida’s Foster Children Advances

A bill to deal with the psychiatric over drugging of foster children in Florida, following the death by suicide of 7 years old Gabriel Myers in April 2009, made progress in the state Senate Thursday.

According to a Miami Herald article, Florida lawmakers push to curb medicating foster children:

The Senate’s Children, Families, and Elder Affairs Committee unanimously approved a measure Thursday designed to curb the prescription of mental-health drugs to children in state care.

The proposed law would require the state Department of Children and Families to assign legal guardians to oversee each child’s mental-health care. It prohibits prescribing drugs under clinical trial to foster children and raises the age children are allowed to take these drugs from six years old to 11 years old in many cases.

The measure would also give children some say in the drugs they take.

Raising the age from 6 to 11 for approving drugging for children is definitely a good step.

This move comes after the lack of enforcement of a 2005 law that may have lead to the death of young Gabriel Myers.

Still, [Jan] Montgomery said she did not expect a sudden culture shift, given failed past efforts to track foster children’s medical records.

In fact she said she expected a slow ‘slide’ towards what she said she hoped was the right approach. I personally don’t think that that is the direction in which lax corrective measures are likely to slide. These low expectations for any new law are a little ominous, and perhaps more than a little prophetic.

My feeling is that some law firm in the state of Florida should do what The Center For Psychiatric Rights is doing in Alaska, and file suit for fraudulent practices against doctors who persist in prescribing drugs to foster children for purposes other than those for which they have been medically approved. You might get some action on the matter, if you can get them where it hurts, in their wallets. We also might be able to take away the licenses to practice medicine from a few more of these child abusing doctors that way. I, for one, would like to see more of these baby drugging doctors out of a job, and on the streets.