Do you boing, boing, boing or splat!

A pediatrician and author, Dr. Kenneth Ginsberg, as reported in an article in the Paly Voice, spoke last Thursday at Gun High School somewhere in the vacinity of Palo Alto California on building resilience in children, and preparing them for life. It’s a lesson that I feel a lot of people in mental health treatment must have missed.

The key to success and less anxiety, according to Ginsburg, lies in building resiliency. Resilience, he explained, is the ability to “bounce back” after something goes wrong and recognize that “every bump is an opportunity for growth.” Ginsburg also said that part of resiliency is determining what is truly worth stressing over, using the analogy of a real vs. paper tiger.

The depressed individual is an individual who hasn’t ‘bounced back’, perhaps because he or she missed Dr. Ginsberg’s lesson. Oh, but we have drugs he or she can take for life that work as well as sugar pills. Time, after all, can have a way of driving Dr. Ginsberg’s lesson home to a few of those who didn’t make his lecture anyway.

Turning a negative into a positive, and seeing that “every bump is an opportunity”, is another training deficit in the mental health departments around this country. “You fall down; you stay down”…That’s just not the best attitude to take. It’s also the attitude of a bully and a thug, and the reason we teach youngsters to fight/bounce back.

“A real tiger is something that can chew your face off,” Ginsburg said. “A paper tiger is something that feels like it’s really stressful, but can never hurt you. You have to learn to differentiate between real and paper tigers, otherwise you’re always running. And when you’re running, you’re not able to focus. You’re not able to think.”

Here we are talking about the line between fantasy and reality. This is a line that some people have not been able to draw so well, and the consequences of that inability can be devastating. For every real tiger people face, there must be thousands of paper tigers. What is the point I’m trying to make here? Facing your fears is one way of finding out they usually don’t amount to much in the end. Overcoming your fears is a way to accomplishment.

Ginsburg described the core ideas of resiliency, a motto he calls the “Seven Cs”: confidence, competence, connection, character, contribution, coping, and control. Ginsburg emphasized confidence, connection, contribution and coping as the most important traits to have.

Okay. Strip a person of his or her confidence, and you have a frightened sissy cowering in a corner of their room. Disconnect him or her, and you have somebody who is really isolated. Discourage him or her from contributing, and you’ve got a useless bum. Teach him or her not to cope, and you’ve got a whimpering whiner.

Whoopee. Now we’ve got a frightened sissified isolated useless bum of a whimpering whiner. Maybe we should just slap a psychiatric label on this person, and encourage them to seek professional help. Counseling I think they call it. Then we could dump this deemed unfit person into a warehouse for the dregs of broken humanity where he or she can receive drugs for his or her condition for the rest of his or her natural life. A life that won’t last so long given that these drugs are actually slow acting poisons. What da ya think? Should we waste ‘em?!

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  1. We’ve got to remind people that shrinks have a pathological hatred of science. They have proven their perversity in many ways, not the least by their dropping out of medicine. But of course that’s easier to do nowadays that even once proper medicine is now more a matter of politically correct consensus than science.

    Basically they behave like eugenicists, the perverts who misrepresent Darwinism. They pander to the mob. The shrinks are the worst bullies of all. Schoolyard bullies generally repent or get stomped on eventually. Not so people like Patrick McGorry. He’s made Australian of the Year.

    This guy wants to drug teenagers before they become “mentally ill”. He’ll succeed. As the suicide rate increases he’ll demand more money. The problem is that if someone kills him he’ll become a martyr and our nanny government will replace him with any one of a number of readily available brain dead sycophants.

    • I read about Patrick McGorry and some politician calling for an investigation of Scientology. I’m not sure that all Scientology does is for the best, but what this guy was trying to do was score points for psychiatry, conventional harmful psychiatry, at the expense of that organization. Fortunately, they were unsuccessful in the matter.

      I also read an interview where he was blaming schizophrenia among young people on marijuana use. I can see how, from that kind of thinking, you get the idea for treating people at risk of going bonkers. This idea is not a good one as the one form of treatment typically used–drugs, drugs, drugs–tends to be worse than ‘the disease’.

      He was also presented as a representative of some kind of more progressive treatment, and I just didn’t see that as making much sense at all.

  2. Senator Nick Xenophon has a grievance against Scientology. So do I because it’s crap. Unfortunately a tactic of those who are selling psychiatry to the masses is to lump people like myself in with Scientologists. They hate psychiatry but for the wrong reasons. What people say counts for little, it’s their reasoning that’s paramount.

    McGorry’s view is that a troubled teenager is likely to be at serious risk of developing a mental illness. He doesn’t want to talk about causes, effects and correlations. He considers himself to be a practical man on a mission to save lives.

    At any one time how many kids could be said to have “falling grades”. Probably about half depending on how a “concerned parent” might define “falling grades”. How many kids use Facebook. More than half. How many kids are being bullied either in reality, or else according to a “concerned social worker”. How many kids smoke dope even if only rarely. About half.

    Ok, what have we got? Falling grades, Facebook, Bullied and Marijuana. If a teenager scores Facebook and Bullied and one other, whip ’em off for assessment. That could be about 10% of the teenage population at any one time or about 50% of individuals as they go through teenagehood. If they say anything at all that could be made to sound the least bit “disturbing” to even the stupidest “non mentally ill” person lock ’em up. Tell them that it’s just for observation, but as soon as the door shuts and they see a bunch of nicotine stained drongoes lying around a TV, drug them. Within a couple of years they are likely to be one of those nicotine stained drongoes.

    First they started with adults, then kids 6 – 14, now it’s kids 0 – 6 and 14 – 18.

    I hate these people, but they’re not going to kill me young. I’m a similar age to McGorry but I’m going to piss on his grave and buy a six pack on the way home.

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