Counting Crazies

If you want one, you can get a free mental illness diagnosis online. Why you would want one, you tell me. There are mental health tests here and there, and this is only another one of those. I wouldn’t advise taking one of these tests though. Somebody is always looking for, and somebody will always find, a sucker.

This hyperlink to your, oh, boy (or girl as the case may be), very own mental illness diagnosis is at the website Internet Mental Health on the left side of the page, and under it there are a number of statistics. Let’s go down the list…

18 million US Citizens
Have Severe Mental Illness

1 US citizen right here has serious doubts about this figure. Are there any reliable figures on the number of people who have recovered from a severe mental illness, for instance, and if there are any such figures, could you subtract them from this 18 million figure you’ve established? Are there any reliable figures on the number of people misdiagnosed with a mental illness? Disappearing diagnoses can really throw your counting off sometimes.

47 million US Citizens
Without Health Insurance

The US Congress just passed the health insurance reform to cover most, but not all, of the people in the USA. Big step, but, and this is a big but, this is health insurance reform, it is not health reform. The profit motive for a lot of the groups involved in the designing of this health care package means that this is less about putting people’s health before profits than it is about finding another way to profit on people’s ills, ills that often come as a result of that profit making.

36 million US Citizens
Living In Poverty

I wonder how this figure compares with the number of US citizens living in wealth. Are there 36 million US citizens living in wealth? How wealthy are those citizens living in wealth, and what prevents them from sharing a little bit of that wealth with their poorer neighbors? When the division between the rich and the poor is very extreme, this makes you think that maybe some of our political leaders belong to that 18 million figure mentioned earlier. Didn’t I hear something recently about politicians bailing out banks and automobile companies? How many bankers and automobile company excutives live in poverty?

23.7 Trillion US Bailout
=166% US GDP

Uh, I’m not sure what this is all about, but I know it can’t be good.

US Total Debt
53 trillion + $

Somebody can’t manage his or her finances. When that somebody is Uncle Sam…what happened? Does he have Alzheimer’s, senile dementia, or severe mental illness? I have this vision of the United States becoming a second rate power by subsidizing China’s rise to super power status. Tell me sometime how this makes sense.

400 Billion A Year
Spent On Illegal Drugs

Well, if some of those drugs were legalized it would bring down the price a little, don’t you think? Additionally, 400 Billion is peanuts next to 53 Trillion. I’ve got neither the time nor inclination to deal with what’s wrong with the illegal drug trade. I’ve spent a little time dealing with what’s wrong with the legal drug trade, and I imagine the legal drug trade is raking in even more mullah. I guess the legal drug trade is just angry about not having a corner on every market.

You want crazy? Maybe I should go down the list again.