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Oregon Governor Vetoes Drug Peddling Psychologists

Only two states in the union currently allow clinical psychologists to prescribe psychiatric drugs, those two states are Louisiana and New Mexico.

Oregon Governor Kulongoski had the good sense to include among three bills he vetoed recently Senate Bill 1046 which would have allowed clinical psychologists in Oregon to prescribe psychiatric drugs also.

Psychiatric drugs, the source of many iatrogenic diseases in the mental health field, are often over prescribed. Had the Governor signed this bill into law, the situation for people in mental health treatment in Oregon could have only grown worse.

If the stated reasoning behind the Senate Bill was to provide better care for people in rural areas of the state where psychiatrists can be in short supply, the real reasoning had more to do with a putsch for more power on behalf of the psychology profession.

There is no good side to this Senate Bill 1046; allowing psychologists to prescribe psychiatric drugs would only increase the extent of the damage done to patients in treatment in Oregon.

Hopefully, following the Oregon Governor’s lead, other states will get the idea that the number of professions taking kickbacks from the pharmaceutical industry should not be further expanded.

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  1. I also think that Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners should have no right to prescribe psychiatric drugs.

    • Yes, definitely, no under trained practicianer of any sort should be allowed to prescribe psychiatric drugs.

      I think some of the worst offenders in psychiatry, when it comes to over prescription of harmful psychiatric drugs, should be prosecuted, and they should have their licenses to practice medicine taken away from them. There is no other way to drive a much needed lesson home to these people. It’s a message they are not getting now. If you do physical harm to another human being, you shouldn’t get an award for doing that other person harm. If you physically damage another human being, you should be held accountable in a court of law. Let’s drop the pretense. Some of these doctors are literally getting away with murder, and double oh seven aside, we shouldn’t be giving people what essientially amounts to a license to kill.

      This is especially true when it comes to instances of the over drugging of young children. No very young child should ever be given some of the drugs such children are being prescribed these days. There is no excuse to prescribe a 2 year old child neuroleptic drugs. Doing so should be treated as a criminal matter.

  2. This is great news. I am a psychology student, but even if I ever became a clinical psychologist (of which I have no intention), I am happy that in the Netherlands, I cannot prescribe drugs. Psychiatrsts/physicians already get too little training on the physiological effects of drugs, let alone psychologists.

    • Good luck with your career, Astrid, if you are headed in that direction. We need more people in the mental health field who have a sincere interest in protecting people’s physical health and human rights.

  3. “Oregon Governor Kulongoski had the good sense to…”

    That should actually be “had the POLITICAL sense to…” What does he, a mere politician, know about these issues? He obviously did it to appease his psychiatrist lobby.

    • Perhaps so, but Oregon is better off without drug pushing psychologists. The statistics speak for themselves. 20 % of the population in the USA, according to the latest reports, are on psychiatric drugs. Do we need 1/4 of the people in this nation taking psychiatric drugs? Do we need 1/3 of the nation taking psychiatric drugs? We have 1/5 of the population taking them right now.

      Many of these drugs do serious harm to people. Iatrogenic disease is epidemic in the mental health field. Do a search for Tardive Dyskinesia on You Tube sometime. If you don’t know what that is, nor what it looks like, you will receive quite an education by doing so. Metabolic syndrome is killing patients off at an age on average 25 years younger than the general population, and this mortality gap is growing.

      People are overdiagnosed and overdrugged now because of psychiatrists. If psychologists get into this game, too, the diagnosis and drugging rates, along with the damage and death rates, are only going to go up. What we need are more psychiatric treatment survivors and fewer psychiatric treatment casualties. What we don’t need are pill pushing psychologists adding one iota to all the damage done by pill pushing psychiatrists.

      Mental health consumers need more options than they have a present, and among those options, they need safe and effective drug-free alternatives to conventional treatment offered. They need safe and effective drug-free alternatives a hell of a lot more than they need any drug pushing psychologists consenting to do them harm.

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