Issues In Psychiatry: Comments Welcome

At what point does non-conventionality, eccentricity, or non-conformity become a mental illness?

Is it a good idea to argue against reality, and when one argues against reality, does such an argument constitute a symptom of a serious mental illness?

Which is preferable, a bad reality or a good fantasy?

Labeling the labelers is only fair play. The more it is done, the more exposed these quack shrinks behind the DSM become.

If mental illnesses were just like physical illnesses, mental illnesses would be physical illnesses. Okay, now who’s confusing whom?

When you’ve got crazy groups, and a crazy society, intent on pursuing its own destruction, why pick on individuals?

Every soldier in a wartime situation fits the legal definition for insanity. Where are the international mental health authorities to treat those poor demented souls?

The increasing gap between the rich and the poor, a deteriorating quality of life in some quarters, these are biologically determined are they not?

The best way to come up with a good plan is via a roulette wheel.

Sick people need to be better treated by well people. Well people cannot expect sick people to treat them so hot.

For advocacy read ventriloquism.

Is more really better when that more is mental illness?

You can’t…be educated, be employed, be suitable, etc. You are absolutely wrong for all situations.

The end of treatment is not in sight. Are you blind? There’s the door.

You are the human condition. I am privilege, or calculated good fortune.