As If Things Weren’t Bad Enough

Not only has the mental illness rate been climbing dramatically over the last couple of decades, but given a new found respectability, due to the widespread acceptance of the biological medical model of psychiatry, psychiatry as a profession is growing. I expect to see these two trends will be playing off each other in the future.

Psychiatry Online has a story about this rising hospital residency rate, Match finds more graduates picking careers in psychiatry.

A total of 670 U.S. medical school graduates matched into psychiatry residency positions in this year’s National Resident Matching Program (NRMP), exceeding last year’s total of 656.

This represents a big leap since the year 2000 when the total for matched psychiatric residents was a mere 481.

I would expect this is also going to mean that the mental illness excuse will get more and more service in the criminal justice system as well. When the overall number of kooks rises dramatically, one’s chances of suffering a violent attack at the hands of a kook rises proportionately.

The match—in which the choices of graduating medical students are “matched” with those of residency programs—is typically watched as an indicator of workforce size and makeup in the various medical specialties for the coming years.

Expect schools and other institutions to become mental illness factories, given that a certain percentage of their attendees will be expected to make the diagnosis rather than the grade. When you have these percentage rates, of course, you need somebody to do the diagnosing, and so voila! Meet the rising hospital resident psychiatrist population.