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Avoiding The Lists

1. maybe the disease is just a fiction, or
2. refer to Schizophrenia For Dummies
3. my dummy is of two minds on the subject
4. when he isn’t sleeping in his suitcase
5. a veritable fountain of psycho-babble
6. a genius at inventing diseases of the imagination
7. drug companies want him on their payrolls
8. he’s in high demand as a speaker
9. a major player in the invalidation profession
10. demanding an end to the stigma against wastrels
11. hire a drooling vegetable today
12. maybe the fiction is just a disease
13. drug him back into the burning book pile
14. we continue searching for the origin of our discomfort
15. poison ivy, broken bottles, and rotten wood
16. two way mirrors one way laughter
17. a guinea pig sniffs at the air
18. god, the scientist, is beyond madness
19. sit there and look stupid
20. why doesn’t anybody just walk on
21. hi, furniture
22. scanning the unnatural disaster area
23. careful the chair doesn’t explode
24. an empty suit enters the room
25. he was sitting there reading Life 101
26. two paths that never touch
27. the master of opportunities and his wingless butterfly
28. jar of severed noses
29. paranoia at the masked ball
30. next, please
31. don’t ruffle the clover
32. reclining in the doll cabinet
33. you could always be found out
34. eyelashes on a tabletop
35. shrink into your coffee cup
36. worry, wart
37. the loveable were other
38. eavesdropping on the smooching billboard
39. entertained by prowling vultures
40. the wonder worn off the wheel