The Mad Folk Gloves Go On

Oh, no. Here we go again.

I just ran across an article about, get this, stigma on campus. Its called Mental Illness Causes Stigma On Campus.

The public today consistently views people with a mental illness cast in a negative light in media, music, conversation and more. A college campus offers exciting opportunities but can also present a harmful environment if others on campus unknowingly strengthen the stigma and indirectly segregate those with mental illness from societal norms. Supporting those with a mental illness and eliminating negative outlooks takes little effort and could dramatically improve the lives of others.

I’m confused. I thought you said mental illness caused stigma, here you seem to be suggesting that the media, entertainment industry, etc., causes stigma.

The disinformation machine must go on spinning out disinformation 24/7. This is The Disinformation Age after all, isn’t it?

An associate professor responded to the suggestion that society shuns and rejects those who think in ways “outside of the mainstream.”

Really? We used to call such people rugged individualists, non-conformists, free thinkers, libertines, and philosophers. I guess the term most used frequently to describe them these days is ‘mentally ill”.

“I think that’s quite a prevalent attitude even today,” associate professor Peter Wollheim said. “I’ve heard colleagues of mine, people with Ph.D.’s and really educated, make laughing references to Schizophrenia, to depression, to anxiety and to other types of mental illnesses.”

Uh, some people have a sense of humor then. Laughing at clowns can get old fast. Why not laugh at more natural buffoons, and believe me, some people in mental health treatment are naturals in the buffoon department. Ditto, some people with Ph. Ds.

“I think just as people go in for a medical check-up on a regular basis I think it would be good for them to go in for a mental health check-up on a regular basis,” Wollheim said.

I don’t think so. Going in for a regular mental health check-up is a good way to wind up in the looney bin treatment labryinth. These doctors are looking for ways to earn their keep, and you’ve just walked into their trap, er, into their office. Read the newspaper sometime. Didn’t you hear? Big pharma is pulling the strings of psychiatrists.

I can just hear the noggin doctor speak now, “Here, take a couple of these at 10 in the morning and at 3 in the afternoon for the rest of your life. Okay?”

My impression is that we’re dealing with one of those ‘us and them dichotomies’ here. We didn’t do it, they did it. They’re the problem. Funny thing though, and ignore it if you can, we’re also them.