Psychiatrist Disorders

Although I’ve dealt with Over Diagnosing Over Prescribing Disorder, or ODOPD, at other places in this blog, it is hardly the only disease that psychiatrists are prone to develop. I’m listing some of the diseases known to strike psychiatrists below.

Over Diagnosing Over Prescribing Disorder
Pre-Psychiatric Practice Risk Syndrome
Fraudulent Practices Denial Syndrome
Damaging Practices Denial Syndrome
Pathologizing Childhood Disorder
Pathologizing Behavior Disorder
Pathologizing Mood Disorder
Compulsive Shock Machine Sadism Disorder
Good Old Boy/Girl Cronyism Disorder
Prophetic Negative Prognosis Disorder
Supreme Deity Personality Type
Consumer Ventriloquism Disorder
Obsessive Disease Invention Disorder

4 Responses

  1. Like I think I’ve said before even regular medicine can attract the worst kind of people. And psychiatrists are often either selected or self selected from the worst of the worst.

    These people are typically without any normal sense of shame. Their arrogance and sense of entitlement is breathtaking. One on one though, if you know your stuff and know your enemy it’s not that difficult to provoke them, watch them betray themselves. Once you’ve left they lie and seek to retaliate.

    I’ve come across a few in social settings and found some to be obnoxious or else just pathetic individuals.

    • Those psychiatrists you have come across cannot be blamed for their behavior. They are sick sons of bitches and should be pitied. In all probably they have any number of very serious, all too often chronic, conditions. There is little hope for recovery that we can offer them, and the best that we can do is humor them in their delusions and delirium. Realise, if you will, that in a number of these cases, it is a disease that you are referring to, and not a human being who has any sort of control over his or her actions.

      • Fortunately psychiatrist disorder is fairly rare in the population. Much less prevalent than the relatively benign schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

        Archaic treatments such as confinement in wicker baskets should first be tried but lobotomy will probably be necessary.

  2. Yep, that would work.

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