Gabriel Myers Bill Shot Down

Florida Law Maker Endorses the Over Drugging of Foster Children

Florida legislators had a chance to strengthen the law after the law was not being enforced. Our legislators have fallen short of their duty to fix a broken system. The result of this negligence will certainly be additional dead babies.

The Miami Herald covered the story with an article, Effort to protect children from overmedication fails.

The measure flew through the Senate with unanimous votes in every committee. But in the House, Rep. Paige Kreegel, a physician, refused to even hear the bill in his Health Care Services Policy Committee.

“I don’t feel right now that we are in definite need of any additional regulation in the state,” said Kreegel, a Punta Gorda Republican. “There’s all kinds of regulation.”

Tell it to the next child you find hanging in a bathroom shower because those regulations were being ignored.

Kreegel said he didn’t know the particular facts behind the case of Gabriel Myers — who authorities say hanged himself with a shower cord in the bathroom of his Margate foster home. But he said [Sen. Ronda] Storms’ legislation would effectively have stopped psychiatrists from prescribing medicine to needy children.

This dumb ass doctor politician doesn’t even have his facts down, and he would stonewall the bill on the grounds that he doesn’t acknowledge the harmfulness of harmful drugs. I hope his constituency has the good sense to throw him out of office for encouraging more children in foster care to be damaged by psychiatry.

Kreegel called some of Storms’ statements about out-of-control doctors “baloney.” Storms was outraged that Kreegel was able to kill the bill — which was one of DCF’s highest legislative priorities.

Even the Department of Children and Families wants to protect children, but not apparently this lame brain.

This refusal to do anything about the lack of enforcement of those regulations this dumb ass doctor says there are enough of is going to mean more foster children harmed by psychiatric drugs, and ultimately it is going to lead to more dead babies.

If the Florida General Assembly refuses to tackle the matter in their next legislative session, this will probably mean waiting until another dead baby shows up before any action is taken.